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Sustainability | 14th November 2021 | Virtual Wire


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At the Youth-4-Climate Summit this year, three words: "blah blah blah“ by Greta Thunberg shook the world just like calling out "How dare you!" did back in 2019.

It was part of her speech criticizing world leaders’ efforts towards climate change. Mind you, “blah” is representative of something perceived as boring and to be ignored. Yet, Greta knows how to put to better use even such silly words. Not only did she call out the bull, but she restarted the conversation around the much thrashed-up topic of climate change. The CoP and the innumerable such summits take place from time to time.

TV reporters show how world leaders are presiding over the meetings and have announced blah, blah, blah emission cuts and so on. Yet, we don’t see any concrete decisions and actions taking place. Many nations are trying to excuse their way out which is not helping uplift the spirits of other nations. Whether her speeches are genuine or are publicity stunts like her critics say, summing up the actions of nations and the numerous conferences and summits into these three words has definitely led big-shots to notice. We need to think about what could have possibly led an 8 year old (Greta, of course) to go on a school strike and turn into an environmental activist leaving behind what you would call a privileged life? Do we really need to burden our posterity with the evils of our doing?

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As individuals, these protests and discussions might be just another headline in the making, but one has to stop and think of the consequences of our actions on our future at some point eventually because there are gazillions of data and statistics showing that we as humans are heading ourselves to a destruction of our own making. Only then can this effect multiply upwards to the leaders as a collective to take answerable actions and not blurted out as hollow terminologies to impress us.

All said, Greta’s efforts and those of many like her will be in vain if we don’t actually work for our planet on the grassroots level. So, how do we do that?

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  • Let’s start by starting conversations with our family and friends. Let us make sure we reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible because we as an entire species are responsible for our planet's future. Even initiating discussion with your parents, partner and children may have a lasting impact as it did with Greta.

  • Vote for leaders who have sustainability on their agenda.

  • Refuse, reduce, reuse, rot (composting) and recycle.

  • Clean energy options like using electric vehicles or those running on renewable energy sources.

  • Use public transport for commuting whenever possible.

  • Buy sustainable clothing and so on.

There are many energy-efficient alternatives to almost everything we use. To quote what Sir David Attenborough told Greta in one of their discussions, “self-interest is for the past, the common interest is for the future”. Let us take accountability for the generations to come.

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