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Sustainability has always been a practice in India. Be their kullahds in which beverages or sweets used to be served or the wooden art jewellery, Indian heritage has always managed to follow a sustainable lifestyle.

Industrialization brought inefficiency but, it also exploited the natural resources leading to environmental imbalance. It played a huge part in increasing single-use products ultimately resulting in excessive waste and carbon dioxide emission. In recent years entrepreneurs have emerged with brands and products that support the sustainable lifestyle. The fashion industry witnessed such upgrades as well.

B Label by BOHECO

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Ranging from garments for adults and kinds to lifestyle products like a laptop sleeves and cushion covers, this brand has them all. The products are made from hemp fibre which is strong, durable, blocks UV rays, absorbs moisture and prevent the formation of bacteria.

No Nasties

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No Nasties, with a motive of making the planet better, produces 100% vegan, organic and fair-trade clothing. They practice planet positive by water-saving, carbon offset and tree plantations. They have a transparent supply chain along with fair trade certified factories and recycled packaging.

Mix Mitti

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Mix Mitti is a vegan accessories brand producing cruelty-free handbags, wallets and various other products. They responsibly use a portion of their income for animal welfare and conservation. They aim at supporting artisans in India.


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Doodlage recycles factory waste into a chic collection which is mostly limited edition. They recycle the scarps that are left behind after producing clothes and make seamless and unique garments. While they produce the clothes, whatever is left behind is segregated and made into accessories, soft furnishing products, paper for packaging and stationery products.


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Refash makes and supports products that are made out of post-industrial, pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. They use scraps in a creative way to create products, instead of just scrapping them away. They promise a one-of-a-kind product that has a story to tell.


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Upasna has a different take on sustainability. The brand focuses on producing organic and environmentally friendly products by helping various communities affected by social problems and natural calamities. They have five different projects providing solutions to five different problems. ‘Kapas’- an organic cotton project with families of Madurai; ‘Varanasi Weavers’- a project with the weaving communities of Varanasi; ‘Tsunamika’- a tsunami-related project providing livelihood to fisherwomen; ‘Paruthi’- India’s local organic brand to support organic farming community; ‘Small Steps’- a project for promoting compact bags as an alternative to plastic bags.

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