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Tech trends | 17th February 2022 | Virtual Wire



The technology industry is advancing rapidly and by leaps and bounds. Year after year we acquire new products and services that the industry offers.

It seems that the useful life of each technological object is getting shorter. Even a year is a long time in technological times. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic placed technology as a co-star due to the multiple benefits. What are the technological trends that we will see during this year? One of the trends to keep in mind, even if you are looking for a business idea, is cybersecurity. Today our technological devices have personal data such as email, address, cell phone number, or even our financial data such as credit cards.

Technology crosses the home and health. We have seen it with the pandemic. One of the most important trends raised by The New York Times is the idea of ​​the smart home and connected health. When we talk about smart homes, we mean connected devices that facilitate and automate certain household tasks. As for health, we may have already come into contact with the technology of this type such as the Apple Watch or Fitbit.

The trend here is to design smaller devices with more health data. The third trend accompanies the care of the environment and it is about electric cars. Experts state that there is a long way to go before electric cars occupy a relevant place in the market but the industry is working on that. We


can assure us that the world of supersonics that we watched on television as children is getting closer and closer.

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