Technology Apprehending the Minds of Students: Catastrophe of a ‘Necessary Evil’!

Technology | Student | 26th July 2021 | Virtual Wire

It is transparently evident that during the pandemic of COVID- 19 a paradigm shift took place, taking offline class sessions to online mode of teaching.

Students were in a state of melancholy for the physical classes with interactive discussions morphed into an unwanted tragedy so-called “virtual classes.” Even though pupils around the world accepted their faith and started to take these sessions seriously, they still felt an uneasy repercussion towards this advent of technology.

But with every new advancement, there is a certain ramification that follows up. And this was the deep integration of technology into the minds and daily mundane life of students.

Technology has taken its roots into every nook of the sphere and anchored itself as the core of the present modern world. Global activities like economy and trade are all now webbed in the net of the internet and without connectivity, it is impossible to move toe to toe with the ever-developing world.

The situation is so arduous now, that a global server shutdown can halt all the monetary activities of all the major nations. This severe effect is also inexplicably observable in students, where all their school or college work has jumped on their laptops and smartphones, instead of now quaint notebooks and pens.

This hefty reliance of students on gadgets for completing homework, assignments, or even examinations have led to them ditching the traditional methods of studying and established copy-pasting as the new tradition.

There are several instances where students while interacting with their devices, especially hand-held digital commodities like smartphones, have fabricated a learning impairment. This is more elucidative in the case of one of the most popular functions of smartphones, the Autocorrect.

Instead of absorbing spellings and ideas, pupils are now more engaged in typing gibberish which is ultimately corrected by their smartphones while sending messages or in other works. The function of automatically correcting the mistakes has no penultimate use for students, as it is just creating an easy escape for them.

Technology has truly become a necessary evil for society, as the pandemic robbed everyone of their right to sit in a room and learn. Every asset that has value should be handled with care, as with no keen observation to keep them in check will have a hampering result.

Students need to learn to keep a check with the physical and virtual world, creating a sumptuous bridge to align themselves with what they need and do not need at the time. Any unscrupulous deed will always lead to an unworldly result, which everyone has to keep in their minds while interacting with technology.

Even if laptops, smartphones, and other contraptions have an immense value in students’ lives right now they are not a part of their bodies. There are other leisure activities that a student can follow upon in their free time; like reading a best-selling novel, spending time with family members, creating stuff out of their imaginations, and other things which are more wholesome than watching videos or chatting with strangers on social media.

These activities may sound more casual, but in the fact, they became rarer than ever. The virtual world may seem more appealing than what reality has to serve, but in the end, when the phone’s battery dies, it is the real world we are leaving in.

It is time to take our easily distracted minds and backtrack them to the world we are supposed to live in and duly manage our time with digital devices, as they are not our organs but just a part of who we are now.

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