Ten Ways to Start Burning Fat Today!

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Almost half of the global population is considered overweight. This is not just a vanity issue; these people are risking their health every day because of their weight.

If you are overweight, here are 10 ways to start burning fat and getting that weight off.

Drink green tea

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Green tea has long been known to be a wonderful anti-oxidant, which means that it fights free radicals and waste products in your body. But the good news is that green tea is also excellent from a weight loss point of view. There is evidence to suggest that green tea raises your metabolism, which means you can burn fat faster.

Eat at home

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Eating at home is cheaper, but it also helps you keep that weight down. When you eat at home, you are in control of the ingredients you use as well as the portions that you eat.


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Burning fat is not going to happen unless you are exercising and burning more calories than you take in. Find an exercise routine that you enjoy; there are so many choices now that you should be able to find something you can stick with.

Eat smaller meals

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Eating smaller meals will help you to keep the sugar levels in your blood stable. What does that mean for someone losing weight? It means that your sugar levels won’t start to crash and make you hungrier than usual.

Drink more water

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Most people don’t get the full 8-10 glasses of water that are recommended. Keep in mind, that soda and juice do not count as water. Water gives you a feeling of being full, and sometimes you think you’re hungry but you are in fact thirsty.

Use smaller plates

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Everyone knows that you can’t put that much food on kiddie plates, and it’s the same principle here. If there simply isn’t room to put more food on the plate, you won’t overeat. It’s a good way to cut down on the food at every meal.

Eat Slowly

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This seems like a silly thing to say, but it can help you a lot. By eating slowly, your stomach begins to feel full more quickly. If you eat quickly, it can seem like your belly is a never-ending pit.

Cut down on sweets

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Cutting down on sweets is one of the best things you can do if you want to lose weight. Sweets have a lot of sugar, which enhances cravings, but more than that, they usually help you pack on calories that you don’t need.

Stop drinking sodas

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Soda has so many artificial ingredients, but that’s not why you need to stop drinking them if you want to see weight loss. Soda has enormous amounts of sugar in it, so think long and hard about whether a can of soda is worth the cravings.

Avoid alcohol

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The same reasons you avoid sweets and soda are the reasons that alcohol is not helpful for anyone trying to lose weight. Steer clear of alcohol as much as possible. If indulging, stick to one drink or one of the light beverages out there. Follow these tips so that you can start to see results. Once you see some weight loss, you’ll be even more motivated to continue on. Stick to this list and help yourself drop those excess pounds.

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