Tencent Imposes Gaming Restrictions On Chinese Minors!

Tencent | Game | 8th July 2021 | Virtual Wire

Tencent, one of the largest investors in the gaming spectrum, has now announced that it would no longer allow children under the age of 18 to play their games after dark.

But, here's a brain teaser for ya, how do you think Tencent will figure out if minors are gaming during the restricted hours?

Well, face recognition is the answer. That said, minors will no longer be able to play Tencent's video games after 10 PM till 8 AM the next day.

As mentioned before, Tencent's video games will run a facial recognition scan to check whether or not the person playing the game is under the age of 18.

Through these restrictions, the China-based conglomerate is making an effort to comply with the recent regulations imposed by the Chinese government in regards to gaming.

So, what exactly are these regulations?

The Chinese Regulations implemented back in 2019, were put out in an effort to tackle the problem of excessive and unhealthy gaming practices.

This entails a ban on minors playing games during the nighttime, restricting the playtime to 90 minutes a day, prohibiting children from spending a ton of money on micro-transactions, registering for games using their real identities, and so on.

In a press release, Tencent stated that "We will conduct a face screening for accounts registered with real names and that have played for a certain period of time at night."

"Anyone who refuses or fails the face verification will be treated as a minor, and as outlined in the anti-addiction supervision of Tencent’s game health system, and kicked offline."

Whatever the case may be, it will certainly be interesting to see how Tencent's "Midnight Patrol" is received by the public.

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