Terrible Parenting in a Certain School!

Nigeria | School | Parenting | 09th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

There’s a certain private primary school in Jos, Plateau State. Nigeria, that educates the kids of the working poor.

The parents of these kids are not just economically poor, but they are poor in their minds as well. With their lifestyles and the way, they treat their kids, you see all manner of terrible parenting.

You see biological parents who send their kids to school to learn without giving them food. There are those who allow five-year-old kids to bathe themselves and prepare for school, while they give all manner of work excuses.

Here also, there are some uncles and aunties of kids who agree to train these children for one reason or the other, then they end up maltreating the kids so much that it affects them psychologically. The children come to school mentally and emotionally beaten.

The kids do not even get parental assistance with their school work. After school, they are on the streets way into the night, because there’s nobody at home to take care of them. There are also some of these parents who are so drunk almost every day to care about the welfare of the kids.

In this locality, the kids are the parents. As much as the school tries, these children continue to struggle to find themselves and to avoid the plagues on their parents. Whether we are parents now or not yet, we must determine in our hearts to do better with the kids around us. They are the future of tomorrow.

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