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Experience holds a ton of weight in today's world in multiple sectors. There's an experience in studies, work, gaming and EXP points within the games themselves.

To best explain the art of experience is using the 'trial and error' expression. We try and fail at one thing, learning what to do and what not to do, until we reach our objective. The wisdom we gain from that period defines our experience. Usually, that means a good thing right? Not exactly.

Quantity over Quality


Experience has its own share of pros and cons. The biggest con is length. As a new job-seeker, I found my way riddled with more potholes than the average Indian road because I had no prior experience in the sector I was looking for. I needed a job to get the experience and the experience to get a job. It was an impossible sort of paradox that even Jonas from 'Dark' can't get out of ( although I doubt he had much time to worry about jobs in the first place ). The knowledge of five years is valued more than two years and the latter is preferred more than a fresher with zero training. This myth that an experience must cover a substantial amount of time is only half-correct ; a person can gain ten-years of wisdom within a few months, given the right training. The quality of experience should come first, like the stress put on an individual’s skills.

Experience is not always positive

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A bad boss, an unhealthy working environment, a traumatic event, an unpleasant squabble with our loved ones and so on, adds wounds that are hard to recover from. But as Oprah Winfrey said "Turn your wounds into wisdom". Those memories of the lowest points in our lives ought not to become an unhelpful crutch, but one of many stairs on which we stomp our feet on the way to success. What we go through in life adds years faster than our birthdays, yet in the professional world, this is equal to zero. This is visible, especially in academic research fields and the corporate culture where mental health is nothing but a laughing joke. Respect and dignity are taken for a rough ride; employees and research scholars are not given their due and are often degraded by their superiors who are either highly arrogant or maliciously jealous of their charges’ accomplishments.

Environment = Experience?


Our environment plays a significant factor in our learning and working. A horrendous superior, spiteful co-worker and unsympathetic, uncooperative and unhealthy environment often leave a bad memory in the back of our heads more than the lessons it brings. During exam seasons in our childhood, we would lock our doors and put on music to help ourselves burrow into our study sessions. Similarly, the workplace needs to be less hostile and more helpful for those of us who are taking baby steps toward building our careers.

The Environment outside the workspace is equally important in shaping us as individuals. How we interact with others and deal with problems is affected by the home and the world where we grew up. Schools are the first social space we encounter in the earliest years of our lives and it's where we meet all sorts of personalities and learn to differentiate the good, the bad and the ambiguous. All of these provide the environment which shapes our development as individuals

Personal Vs Professional: Which is more important?


Our life is one, but we live it in multiple formats. Therefore the incidents we face and the observations we make form the basis of our experiences. The beginning of our lives comes with a cry and a crawl, then wobbly walking to running and stumbling on the various roadblocks and potholes that Fate throws our way (for my country it's mostly potholes). We rarely value that our early development is a sort of ‘experience’. All of the encounters we have at our homes, schools, colleges and with people in general count as a significant part of growing as human beings. For the working field, we do need to build up our CVs and work on additional skills that can be applied to any field.

We have to sharpen ourselves like Apsara pencils for that extra five marks for good skills. But our interaction with people outside of the professional circle is a necessary experience that is often underestimated. Ultimately experience is a mixed bag of ‘Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans’ (Harry Potter); some of the flavours are downright disgusting but it's the most popular sweet in both the wizarding world and our world.

Caution: Oversaturation of the word 'experience ' in the incoming.

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