The Banger iPad OS 15!

iPad | Apple | 07th November 2021 | Virtual Wire

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The apple company, on 7th June 2021, announced one of the greatest updates. The iPad's 15 was made largely available for the general public on 20th September 2021.

It is no wonder that the iPad os 15 is getting positive and thrilling reviews around the globe. The iPad's 15 is packed with the most exceptional features and updates which makes the gadget even groovier. Have you experienced it yet? We have all that you require to acknowledge, before and after your encounter with the pads 15.

Versatile Personality


The new pads 15 is now more swift and convenient to use. The increased speed, more prominent screen, multitasker menu bar allow you to perform several tasks at the tip of your finger. This preserves much of your time as the screen can be split, slide, and full along the ability to switch between the apps is now super easy with the new shelf feature. If you are habitual using iPad os 15 with a keyboard, then it will list all the shortcut keys that you’ll ever require.

Fresh apps

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The exceptionally new app, called the share play is an amazing update. One can now facetime with the privilege of watching or listening to kinds of stuff unitedly. So now family feels closer. Share your exciting recipes and articles while looking at them together. Yes, the share play now enables you to facetime along with the screen share. Include as many people in your facetime and experience a disciplined grid view. The audio option is a saviour, now one can mute the background noises and can corner his/her voices in the facetime, which cuts out the disturbances. What else once could need? Let me tell you, A Disciplined Reminder.

A disciplinary

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Now, with ease, organize your reminders with the all-new quick note, prepare a note anytime and any second. It provides you with the liberty to attach anything, let it be a tag, mention, link, writing, doodle, image, etc. Highlighting acts like a cherry on a cake, highlight your important notes, and get reminded. Make it as grand as possible to never forget about your stuff.

Joyous stuff

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Restyle and accessorize your emoji, stickers, and characters. The stock is all filled with the latest and trendy hairstyles, clothing, accessories for you to design your character. The styling comes with a bunch of amusing things. From skin tone to the colour of hairstyle, to the customizations, all in your power. Make the sassiest cool emoji and flex in front of your mates. The bunch of photos now illustrate itself as a college, and gives a more chic look, leaving behind the grid view of the collected pictures. Also, now with a few taps save the wished picture to your library.