The Birth of Lord Krishna: Krishna Janmashtami.

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One of the most famous festivals in India. Shree Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Gokulashtami or Krishnashtami is the festival marking the birth of Krishna, one of the most worshipped and popular deities of Hindus.

According to studies, it's said that this happened in around 3228 B.C. which is considered by Hindus as Dwapara yuga, one of the four yugas according to Hindu mythology (namely Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali yugas). It falls in the Shravana month of the Hindu calendar which is usually in August or September in the Gregorian calendar.

Mostly celebrated by the Vaishnavas the followers of Madhvacharya. Janmashtami is a celebration of one to - two days of poojas, prasad Bojana., particular traditional rituals, foods & sweets, like other Hindu festivals.


When the moon was half bright in the month of Shravana, Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva in a prison in Mathura where they were contained by Devaki’s own brother Kann's, after hearing a divine voice which said that her 8th son would be his death.

That night when Devaki was unconscious. Suddenly the chain and the gates of the prison opened, all the guards watching them fell asleep and Vasudev took the child in a basket. As he had a vision that guided him to cross the Yamuna River and leave the child in the safe hands of Nanda of Gokul and exchange his son with Nanda’s daughter.

Even though there was a thunderstorm Vasudeva built the courage to cross the river and suddenly the river started rising because the Yamuna wanted to touch Krishna’s divine feet. To protect the god from the thunderstorm Sheshanaga (Vishnu’s bed) came as an umbrella to the small child. He then reached Gokul exchanged the child, came back to the prison. Since that day this auspicious day is celebrated as Krishnashtami.


The festival is celebrated in different ways in different places. By pasting, singing bhajans etc. Also, many functions are organized like kid’s fancy dress or singing etc. In some parts like Manipur things like Raaslila dance, Dramas are organized.

In Maharashtra and some parts of Karnataka (Mangalore). Dahi handi is organized which is basically breaking yoghurt pots that are tied up high and people make human pyramids climb up and break the pots. In places like Kerala, they follow the Malayalam calendar to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami.

In Tamil Nadu and some parts of Karnataka they worship and pray to the footprints of Krishna. The festival is not only celebrated in India but also abroad. In India, most of the brahmin families perform poojas which involve reciting 108 different names of Vishnu and offering Tulsi, Lotus, Milk, Curds etc. which are believed to be one of Krishna’s favourites.

For this festival different types of sweet ladoos are made which is one of the most common sweets to be made for this festival. Many also follow some personal rules of making 21 or maybe 108 different types of food items to offer for the special day.

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