The Blessing: Work from Home!

Work from Home | Blessing | 09th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

If homemakers had known years back that working from home would become a new normal, they wouldn’t have felt inferior for staying at home, and people wouldn’t have judged them falsely of being lazy if they had opened their minds to the good fortune that comes working while being at home.

Today there are a lot of people who have chosen to quit their office jobs and the false image it sometimes gives, to work at the convenience of their homes.

We must remember that working from home started a very long time ago, and it has its ups and downs. I personally like the flexibility that it gives. Also, it gives room for thinking outside the box.

There will always be people who prefer to work in the confines of an office setting, and there would be those who do not like such restrictions and can’t even afford it because of the kind of life that they lead. Both parties shouldn’t be taken likely. They play important roles and are complementary too.

More companies should create remote opportunities in their establishments. It opens more employment. Imagine having a pregnant woman relieved of her hectic work responsibilities for nine months, being helped by a temporary remote worker. That is just me thinking like the lady that I am.

Now that is just one scenario out of many. There’s no doubt that working from home has done and can do a lot more wonders to the corporate world.

Employers can testify to getting cheaper labour while employees can boast of more freedom. I see it as building more win-win situations.

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