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The Big Bang Theory is the CBS sitcom, created by Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady that would go on to become the #1 TV Comedy of the 2010s. The show is about 7 friends in Pasadena, California.

Leonard Hofstadter (played by Johnny Galecki): a Caltech physicist who struggled with self-confidence. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons): a Caltech physicist, Leonard’s roommate, who was an obnoxious know-it-all that drove the gang crazy at times. Penny Hofstadter (played by Kaley Cuoco) Leonard & Sheldon’s next-door neighbour, who was an aspiring actress who worked as a waitress & bartender at The Cheesecake Factory. Howard Wolowitz (played by Simon Helberg): an aerospace engineer who was the ultimate horny playboy…in his mind.

Raj Koothrappali (played by Kunal Nayyar): an astrophysicist & Howard’s best friend, who was a metro-sexual hopeless romantic & was ridiculed for being one from time to time, especially by Howard. Also, at the beginning of the series, he had trouble talking to women without an alcoholic beverage. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz (played by Melissa Rauch): a pint-sized, high pitched voice microbiologist, who would go on to marry Howard, but also had a competitive edge & a mean streak beneath her cute blonde, pint-size exterior.

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Amy Farrah Fowler-Cooper (played by Mayim Bialik): a neuroscientist, wife of Sheldon, whose running joke was that the gang was just amazed that she was the perfect match for Sheldon. Stuart Bloom (played by Kevin Sussman): The Owner of The Comic Book Store, where the gang hung out. He was a friend of the gang who was often left out of their group activities.

The Brand Of Jim Parsons & Kaley Cuoco & The Impact Of Their Characters:

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Starting with Jim Parsons, his character of Sheldon Cooper was the most polarizing character, not only on the show but arguably on all of scripted television. He became the character people hated to love. He also became an instant classic character with his catchphrase, BAZINGA & his quirky mannerisms. The Sheldon Cooper character had become so polarizing, that Jim Parsons pitched the idea of a spin-off show called Young Sheldon, which also became a hit for the CBS network, even after the Big Bang Theory came to an end after 12 seasons in 2019.

Then there is Kaley Cuoco’s character Penny. Penny was not your typical, pretty, blonde “Girl-Next-Door” character. Penny was THE ROCK of The Group. She became the girl of Leonard’s dreams. She had the patience to deal with Sheldon’s craziness. She introduced Howard & Bernadette. She became Amy’s “bestie.” She also became the first woman Raj opened up to emotionally, while sober. She was also the Sports & Pop Culture Expert of the group & she was also the most resourceful, out-doors person of the bunch, knew how to fish, how to ride a horse, she was very nurturing and she was the one the guys called to kill spiders.

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Jim Parsons has won 4 Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor for his role as Sheldon Cooper. He also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015. He would also co-star in the animated hit movie HOME with International Pop Star Rihanna & alongside leading lady Taraji P. Henson in the biographical film Hidden Figures. He also starred as God in the Broadway play An Act Of God.

In 2013-15, Kaley Cuoco received the Critics Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series & a People’s Choice Award, twice, for Favorite Comedic TV Actress. She stars in the hit TV show, The Flight Attendant. She has also scored solid endorsement deals with Toyota, Proactiv & Priceline.

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The Impact of their characters is on the success of the show as a whole. In an era where Reality TV was becoming extremely dominant by the day, The Big Bang Theory, a multi-camera sitcom, with a Live Studio Audience was a MASSIVE SUCCESS, bringing in over 20 Million Viewers per week & in the process, it helped Parsons, Cuoco & Gelacki become 3 of the highest-paid actors on TV, raking in $1 Million per episode at the shows peak. So, In Theory, That Is How They Made a BIG BANG on the Landscape Of Television Over The Past Decade!!!

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