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Robin Simone Givens is an actress & model who was born on November 27th, 1964 in New York City, New York. Before she is fully committed to being an actress, she was pre-Med & graduated from Sarah Lawrence College.

She made her film debut in the movie The Wiz in 1978. She also appeared in The Cosby Show as Suzanne, playing the role of a friend of Denise Huxtable who her younger brother, Theo, had a major crush on. She would get her breakthrough role as Darlene Merriman in the hit show Head of the Class in 1986 & would co-star alongside Oprah Winfrey as Melanie "Kiswana" Browne in the Emmy Award-winning dramatic miniseries, The Women of Brewster’s Place in 1989. However, Robin’s most polarizing role would take place in 1992.

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Robin Givens Assumes The Position of Power as Jacqueline Broyer in Boomerang:

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Eddie Murphy created an idea for a movie called Boomerang. A film about an advertising executive bachelor named Marcus Graham, who was searching for Miss Right but was killing time with the wrong ones, even the figurehead of the company Lady Eloise (played by Eartha Kitt), who was well over 60 years old. Then, one day on his way to work, a woman catches his eye in the building lobby, her name, Jacqueline Broyer played by Givens. Marcus began to fall in love with Jacqueline, even going as far as telling his friends that she was “the future Mrs. Graham” but she didn’t feel the same about him. Marcus would later discover that she was the female version of him.

In fact, you could argue that she was a better & smarter version of him. She had a higher position at the company, she was making more money than him & in an interesting turn of events, she shifted the balance of power to the women in the office, who got a big kick out of Marcus getting played by Jacqueline. It wasn’t until Marcus started to gain affection for another creative talent at the company named Angela Lewis (played by Halle Berry) that Marcus seemed to find “the perfect woman” he’s been looking for. Eventually, that would get under Jacqueline’s skin & she decides to give Marcus another chance but he realizes that he’s in love with Angela. The movie ends with Marcus basically walking off into the sunset with Angela.

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In the ’90s, after the success of this classic romantic comedy, Robin Givens’ performance was severely overlooked & criminally underrated, due to the fact that fans of the movie just wanted Eddie & Halle to live happily ever after. However, in a few hit television shows of the 2000s, you can clearly see Robin’s impact as Jacqueline Broyer in Kim Cattrall’s “Samantha Jones” character in HBO’s Sex & the City, Eve Longoria’s “Gabrielle Solis” & Nicolette Sheridan’s “Edie Britt” character in ABC’s Desperate Housewives, Jill Marie Jones’ “Toni Childs” character in UPN’s Girlfriends & Yvonne Orji’s “Molly Carter” character in HBO’s Insecure. In an interview on BET’s Black Coffee, she briefly discussed the impact of her character & the longevity of Boomerang in general time goes on.

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All in all, this was Robin Givens’ greatest performance ever. One can make a case that Robin was ahead of her time as Jacqueline & if Boomerang were to be released today, Robin Givens would probably have a Golden Globe & even an Academy Award on her trophy case. Jacqueline Broyer just might be the representative of women in a position of power, who go after what they want & is no-nonsense business-wise, in the Boardroom & the Bedroom. Salute to Robin Givens, she showed that Black women can handle being in a position of power, business wise & in their personal life & over time, women have shown their love for her performance. She hit them with inspiration & they hit her back with her flowers that were long overdue…like a Boomerang.

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