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Sommore was born Lori Ann Rambough in Trenton, New Jersey on May 15th 1966. Before pursuing comedy, Sommore received a degree in business administration from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia.

She also worked as an algebra teacher before changing her career path. In the early 90s, Sommore made her debut on the BET Comedy showcase, Comicview. She would become a staple, fan-favourite on Comicview & would become the first female host of the show in 1994. Sommore: “The Up-Standing Queen of Comedy” After hosting Comicview, Sommore would continue to work out material on Def Comedy Jam, Showtime at the Apollo & the comedy club circuit before making appearances on talk shows such as Oprah, Jay Leno & Ananda Lewis. Her style of comedy could be described as an interesting combination of sophisticatedly raunchy & unexplainably witty. That was brilliantly displayed in her breakout showcase on probably her biggest tour ever!

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In 2001, Sommore joined forces with 3 other standout ladies in stand-up comedy, Miss Laura Hayes, Adele Givens & Mo’Nique to do The Queens of Comedy Tour & the Showtime Network Special was shot in Memphis, Tennessee. In this tour special, Sommore truly cemented herself as a comedic genius, hilariously tackling interesting topics such as the double standards of nudity between actors & actresses in the film, comparing being married to winning a big stuffed animal prize at an amusement park & her closing bit about how mastering the hula-hoop toy in childhood, prepared & empowered Black women, giving them a sassy attitude & sexual confidence in the bedroom. That night truly put Sommore in a league of her own. Not only did it establish her brand but it also built her loyal audience.

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The Brand of Sommore: She calls herself “Adult Stand-Up Comedian!” She jokes that because people would see her in Target & mistake her for an employee because she doesn’t do many movies or have her own TV show. She has appeared in shows, “The Hughley’s” & “The Parkers” & films such as Soul Plane, Friday After Next & Something New, but she would also go on to release 4 stand-up specials: The Queen Stands Alone, Chandelier Status, Fun Non-Amously Famous & The Reign Continues. Sommore seems like one of those comedians, who have been offered shows but she declines them to do stand-up. She would choose stand-up over any & everything. For that, Sommore, we salute & appreciate all the moments you have given us with your gift of comedy over the years & we look forward to more in the future.

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