The Buy Nothing Movement!

Buy | Nothing Movement | USA | 16th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Consumerism is a global culture all over the world.

People are always bombarded by advertisements on social media or tv. They buy products even if they don’t need them when companies offer discounts. The majority of people buy clothes but then they throw them away after wearing them three or four times. However, this overconsumption trend has a negative impact on the environment. 25 tons of water are needed to produce just a t-shirt. People fill their wardrobes with clothes that they don’t need. After a while, those clothes end up in landfill sites. Although the items donation of clothes is common, most of the donated clothes cannot be sold again because many people don’t want to buy second-hand clothes. That’s why a new trend has emerged: the ‘buy nothing movement'. The idea emerged in Canada in the 1990s and then spread to the US.


The movement is against Black Friday in which people rush to the shopping malls and stores of famous brands. On that day, however, members of the buy nothing movement come together and protest the consumption culture. When they gather, they exchange items that they don’t use anymore. If more people follow that movement, it will positively impact the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. I believe that the buy nothing movement will grow bigger as people are more aware of the impact of overconsumption on the environment. You might not stop buying or shopping completely but you might at least extend the use of your smartphone and your clothes. You might buy a second-hand car and you might repair your electronic appliances and reuse them. Be sure that you will feel relieved too.

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