The Chinese legend of the creation of the world - Pangu!

China | 12th July 2021 | Virtual Wire

At the beginning of every single civilisation, many mythological stories were passed through generations. Western culture believes everything began with Adam and Eve. Some Indian tribes’ cultures believe that everything begins with nature which has no end or beginning. As for China, they have a legend of God Pangu who was the beginning of the world.

The name itself can be divided into two parts: Pan has the meaning of ‘coil’ and Gu - ‘ancient’. In the art, Pangu is drawn as a short, stout creature with a body covered by hair. The human face with rounded horns is one of the main visual face features that are seen in paintings. Also, in his hands, he is shown holding a ha, er and chisel or the sun and the moon.

Let’s talk about the myth itself. In China, it was believed that before Pangu, there was nothing. No matter, existing world. For almost 18000 years the ‘cosmic egg’ where Pangu was sleeping. Being locked inside for many years, he couldn’t grow anymore and decided to break the egg into two halves. It becomes Yin (the earth) and Yang (the sky).

In the myth, it was said that Pangu stood there holding two halves for another 18000 years just to die after making sure both halves were stabilised. At the last fall down, his breath became winds and clouds; voice resembled thunderstorm. The right eye formed into the Moon as the left one shined off to form a Sun.

His long hair formed the whole Milky Way. The limbs of the body transformed into mountains and blood became running rivers and oceans. Pangu’s flesh formed lands and farms, bones - gems and minerals.

The left parts as teeth and nails formed into lustrous metals; skin hair formed vegetations and sweat from extended labours ell as rainwater on the earth where mortals lived.

In Chinese culture and mythology ‘egg’ is seen mostly as Yin and Yang separation and connection. The Yin is seen as gentle light, feminine power, as Yang is seen as dark, male power. But both can’t be without each other. They were created for one another like shy and earth itself.

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