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Daksha Dhoban (the one who washes clothes of other people) Shudra women of age above 35, the one who is considered as low caste lady, was living in the village name Aksharvatika.

She used to wash the clothes of all the other people of high caste and in return, she used to get food or any kind of offerings, money sometime’s for her service. She was considered untouchable which is inferior of all to all the other classes. Being Shudra, she had to face hatred and discrimination from other high-class people. The high-class people do not touch her, she is not allowed to drink water from the same jar, or same glass through which high-class people drink. Not even the same well. The food they are offered in different utensils and if someone touches them by mistake from the high-class community, they have to take bath to purify themself. But still, Daksha Dhoban was happy with her life, she would go from home to home and wash the clothes of high-class people and take whatever she will get in return as an offering from them. Sometimes she gets old cloth, sometimes food and she will accept happily all the offerings which she would get for her service and happily come home. Will give food to his son who is 9 years old. She was also a great devotee of lord Shiva, the god of all the god’s and used to recite his prayers and sing his song.

She wanted her son to go to Gurukul (School of the olden period) and learn all the Veda and Puran (Holy sculptures ) but as Shudras are not allowed to study in the Gurukul, nor they are allowed to touch the holly books it is considered as the big sin as the higher class Hindus believe that it will contaminate the book’s, neither they are allowed to go to temples. So daily she would wake up early in the morning and wear her finest clothes, which were also torn and old as she was poor, and could not afford the new ones. With her son, they both would go to see the temple and from the door post of the gate of the temple, they both would pray to their Lord Shiva. The pujari (Priest of the temple) would not allow them to enter the temple and would see them with the eyes of hatred, he would not allow them even to stand on the temple doorstep for long as he thinks that it will bring some catastrophe to their faith and life of the people who have come to take the blessings of lord Shiva. He would also never respond to her greeting but still, Daksha Dhoban would respect her a lot for his knowledge. The priest may be Brahman with knowledge of Vedas and Puran, he may be from the Brahman class but Daksha Dhoban was far superior to him.


Lord Shiva the one who is the most superior of all is aware of all the conditions and pain of their devotee, they are the one who is privy to all the processes of this world and knows about the pain of their devotee. And when they see that his devotee is not allowed to enter the temple their eyes are filled with tears, which causes them intense pain, at that moment Lord Shiva realized that. He, the one who has created this whole universe is so much inferior front of his devotee Daksha Dhoban. High-class His universe might be enormous something with all the astronomical heavenly bodies and many galaxies, but the size of that universe is nothing as compared to the size of love her devotee has, lord Shiva was unable to look at the eyes of Daksha Dhoban. It is not humiliation of Daksha Dhoban as she is not allowed to enter the temple, but debasement for lord Shiva as he is being deprived of the worship of noble high-class women (not of high class with the caste but with the thoughts) Daksha Dhoban. She wakes up early every day, takes bath, puts scented flowers on her hair and walk daily long distance to meet her lord Shiva, and then she is not allowed to enter the temple, being humiliated every time but still she shows no sign of hatred and without any feeling of malice in her heart, she comes to the door of the temple every day to take the blessings of her Lord Shiva.

The Pujari (Priest) by humiliating her, by disgracing her has not humiliated her but has humiliated Lord Shiva itself, he has not depicted the image of the devotee as inferior but the image of lord Shiva the one who has created this whole world as inferior. The way devotees have a longing to meet their god the same way god has the same intense desire to meet their devotees. And depriving them to meet each other is the biggest Sin that the pujari (Priest) did. Her son was not fond of the priest he did not like to go to the temple because there he was treated in a contumelious way and sometimes, he would make a derogatory remark on the pujari (Priest) which would make Daksha Dhoban ferocious and she would slap him and then he would go back home all the way crying. To amuse him she would offer him good food. During her visit to the temple standing at the door steps outside as she is not allowed to enter, she would see all the women’s of high class wearing nice dresses entering the temple where they would offer nice food to her lord Shiva (the sculpture of lord Shiva), they would do all the rituals very precisely and would offer him nice food and lot of money. By looking at all these she was also fascinated to worship lord Shiva in the same way offering them nice food, and good clothes and doing all the rituals but she could not do them as she was not allowed to enter the temple. So one morning she decided to make her own sculpture of lord Shiva to whom she can pray and worship.


She and her son both took some clay mixed some water into it and made a thick paste form and with that paste clay, they made the sculpture of lord Shiva near the temple where they both can pray to lord Shiva without any restriction, they both cleaned the area made a little barricade from the small branches of tree and plants. So Daksha Dhoban will now go to her own temple with her son daily. where ever she will go she always used to take her son whom she loved the most with her, in this way she will collect berries from the trees, and scented flowers to offer to lord Shiva and will do her rituals in her own way. There were no set of rules on the rituals and worshipping procedure of Daksha Dhoban, she would pray to Shiva in whatever way she likes, offer him whatever she wants, sometimes food, sometimes flowers, sometimes she will make little sculptures with mud and offer them to lord Shiva. The temple of lord Shiva where she was not allowed to enter was grand and magnificent. With the exquisite architectural design and some parts decorated and plated with gold. With a well-crafted sculpture of lord Shiva In the centre, where people offer them gold, food and all luxurious gifts.

There was all the service available over there and Lord Shiva Sculpture was attired in the best and most expensive clothes with the offering of most palatable food items the best gifts which money can buy, gifts of gold biscuit, silver biscuits, silver and gold coins, and on the other hand the temple of Daksha was simple with the wooden sticks to barricade and the small Sculpture of lord Shiva to whom she would offer anything she likes sometimes leaves, sometimes flowers, sometimes the food she will eat and all the other items which are not at all expensive and can be easily found she will offer. Lord Shiva was worshipped in both the temples in one they were offered all the materialistic pleasures of life and in the other, they were offered all the insignificant things. But in which temples lord Shiva resides the temple of Brahmin or the temple of Shudra? At one time there was pride, there was arrogance, there was discrimination and in the other, there was love and affection. The temple of Daksha Dhoban was not full of gold but it was full of love, devotion, and worship. Every day Daksha Dhoban would get ready to serve and worship her lord Shiva, she would wear her best outfit, and she would gather the best-scented flowers and all the other things she likes and offer them to her lord Shiva.


Lord Shiva also waits to meet her eagerly. Every day she used to worship in her own temple to her lord Shiva, in her own way but all the passerby ladies who were of high caste used to make fun of her. They would talk to her to tease her in one way or another, some say what evil has befallen on us now low caste Shudra are also worshipping lord Shiva, many would make a negative remark, some would say if you want to learn rituals you can read Vedas, than by taking pause they will remind her sarcastically that she is Shudra and if she will touch Vedas it will make them impure. Some would offer her to go to the temple with them, but then refuse her explaining that we can’t take a Shudra inside the Temple. But she would ignore all these Hatred comments and continue with her rituals, but all this would make Lord Shiva dejected for lord Shiva the pain of their Devotee is their own pain. Mother Parvati who is the wife of lord Shiva was unable to see the pain of lord Shiva. so she decided to help Daksha Dhoban, a devotee of lord Shiva to get back her honour. Mother Parvati took a form of a high-class Brahman lady draped herself in rich red Saree with heavy embroidery work. The Saree is richly woven with the peacock and elephants, motifs inspired by the inscriptions on the temples.

Elephants denote her strength and peacock her grace, her hands and feet were decorated with Mehandi and her whole body was incensed with the fragrance of expensive perfumes, hair decorated with beautiful flowers She was dressed like a queen the one who is loved and respected by all. Even the Pandit (Priest) of the temple has considerable respect for her. The way she walks and talks tells us that she is a knowledgeable person, the one with the charm and an idol description of someone belonging to a high caste aristocrat family. Whenever she goes to the temple people would leave their way for her, and pujari (Priest) would take her to lord Shiva personally and help her to do all the customs and rituals of lord Shiva. Mother Parvati pity and say, Oh lord, what is this irony of life, some are not even allowed to enter the temple and some are given so much presidency. The temple of lord Shiva was grand and fabulous, Decorated with expensive gold sculptures and beautiful walls but there was no peace, no tranquillity, there was no harmony of love in that temple. There was no sensation of devotion.


Every ritual was done precisely by following every process in the custom but there were no feelings of love in it, it was all materialistic something nonspiritual. Mother Parvati then went to the temple of Daksha Dhoban, Temple build with boundaries of sticks, a sculpture of lord Shiva made with clay and mud, A temple in which there were emotions of love and devotion. The temple in which anyone can come without any discrimination. All the rituals done by her were arbitrary way, she used to offer whatever she liked, to her Lord Shiva. Ordinary flowers, leaves, and the food which she used to eat were not delectable and expensive, it was the leftover food which was given to her by high-class people for her service of washing their clothes and that food was not so tasty to eat but still, she used to eat that food, the quantity of food was not enough to fulfil the hunger of two people, of her and her son but still she will offer little of her food to lord Shiva. Lord Shiva who is the most powerful of all, this whole universe works under him, the one who gets the offering of delicious dishes on the most expensive gold and silver plates. But nothing in this world can be compared to the food of Daksha Dhoban.

Mother Parvati went to the temple of Daksha Dhoban and asked her to let her pray to lord Shiva. Daksha Dhoban was equally excited and happy to welcome such high-class women into her small temple. She cleaned a place for her, placed some leaves on the ground and offered her to sit. she and Mother Parvati both worshipped lord Shiva, she sang her own made songs, and did her own made rituals. The Temple of Daksha Dhoban was small with clay Sculptures of lord Shiva but it was filled with peace and tranquillity, There were essence and vibrant feeling of love all around. mother Parvati found her true happiness in the temple of Daksha Dhoban. This continued for several days and they both became close friends in the same way lady Parvati, Daksha Dhoban and her son all prayed together in that small temple of her. Mother Parvati used to bring sweets for them and daily she will play with her son and spend time with both of them. Mother Parvati was from a high-class Brahman family but still, she shared a bond, a bond of love with Daksha Dhoban the one who was poor and belongs to the low Shudra class. But their friendship was deep and intense without any discrimination against each other.


Their relationship tells us about the meaning of true friendship, and how a true friendship should be, a true friend is a friend with whom your heart meets not your class meets, the one whose company you always adore whose company is what you lure, a true friend whose place no one can take, the one who bring smile on your face, no matter how much differences are there in your financial conditions but it does not bring any difference in your friendship, a true friend should never be jealous of his friend's achievement and should never be happy of his friend's failures, all stands beside you in your good times but a few true are there in your bad times. The one who celebrates your victory and motivates you in your failures, the one who always supports you, the one who keeps you away from the bad company, a true friend is an important part of your life, one who will always be on your side, the one you can rely on, your friendship is deeper than ocean higher than a mountain. So strong it is that there is no space for distrust. The same was the friendship between Mother Parvati and Daksha Dhoban they both were threaded together in the bond of true friendship. So Mother Parvati asked one day Daksha Dhoban why you don’t go to the temple of lord Shiva which is nearby your own temple for the prayers.

Daksha Dhoban looked a little tensed from this question, she does not want to reveal to Mother Parvati that she is from low cast Shudra Family because she is scared that after knowing it Mother Parvati will leave her so she says that in that temple there are too many people so I am not able to focus on my worship and rituals properly. Mata Parvati the one who knows everything knows about the truth remains silent. One day Mother Parvati asks Daksha Dhoban to join her in the Big temple of lord Shiva though she has asked her many times every time she refuses by making one or another excuse sometimes she says she is not feeling well, sometimes she says her kid is ill, sometimes it’s not the lucky day and many other reasons she gives, but this time Mother Parvati insisted her intensely and moreover she was out of all her reasons of not to go to the temple, she was silent thinking about the reasons looking at Mother Parvati and tears came from her eyes, Daksha Dhoban was sad, She told Mother Parvati that you are high-class Brahman, you are allowed to go to temple but I am Shudra, It was your greatness to show such generosity to me. but like you I am not allowed to go to the temple, I always urges and it was my earnest wish to see the grand and magnificent Temple of Lord Shiva but every time I went, I was never allowed to enter and was stopped through the footsteps of the gate itself (unstoppable tears were flowing vigorously from the eyes of Daksha Dhoban while telling this whole tale of her agony) they say my footsteps or even my shadow will degrade and destroy the purity of the temple.


My heart and soul are dejected because of all these anguishes, but I wished once, just once I can go inside the Temple of lord Shiva. Mother Parvati became wretched after seeing Daksha Dhoban in pain as true friends share the same bond of love among each other and share the same feelings, her heart filled with sorrow. She felt the same pain felt by her friend, she hugged her best friend and told her not to worry, tomorrow morning we will both go to the temple I will talk to pujari (Priest) and he will allow you to enter the temple of lord Shiva. She wiped tears of Daksha Dhoban with her hands and consolidated her, telling her that tomorrow we both will go to the temple no one will stop her from going inside the temple as you are accompanied by me. Mother Parvati used to give a lot of donations to the temple of Shiva so because of that she was having very good relations with pujari (Priest). She told him her intentions and urged him to let Daksha Dhoban enter the temple, to which pujari got a little worried and objected that it is big sin, and her footsteps will make all the temple unholy. To which Mother Parvati got a little furious and asked him that if she will not be allowed in the temple then she herself will also not enter. To which Pujari got a little worried and thought for a moment and said she can enter the temple but she should not do anything which can cause trouble and make this place unholy. Mother Parvati gave a little nod and left the temple.

Daksha Dhoban atworshipping home was much excited about going to the temple, first time she decided to wear her finest saree (a type of dress) though her finest saree was not so finest as it was normal, it was given to her by a Brahmin lady the one for whom she used to work, out of her old clothes. She washed it but during the rituals of pooja (worshiping) one has to offer sweets to lord Shiva and many more eatery items. But she was not having the worshipping money to buy all those items, she got tensed and worried. She thought of asking for money from Mother Parvati but then she thought she already have asked for too many favours, and she can’t ask for more. So she decided that she will make sweets and all the eatery items of clay and will put them on one plate so no one will come to know that they are made of clay as when the offerings are taken to lord Shiva on a plate they are all covered with a piece of cloth. And the next day she went with Mother Parvati to the temple of lord Shiva as she went to the temple the pujari was standing on the doorstep stop of the temple, he did not stopped Daksha Dhoban to enter the temple but was giving her a look of disgust and hatred,in return Daksha Dhoban greeted him with respect to which he did not reply and went on from that place.


Mother Parvati and Daksha Dhoban ignored him and moved along the temple, Daksha Dhoban was holding the plate of her eatery items made of mud and clay covered with piece of cloth and was moving around the temple, she was astonished to see such a grand temple with exquisite architecture and marvellous sculptures with so much of gold plated on the wall which she has not seen in her entire life, she was so blessed to be in the temple, finally, she got her honour back, her prestige. For that brief moment, she was contemplating the beautiful architecture of the building, with the marble floor and the expensive stones which were engraved on the wall. All the statues of God and goddess were made precisely, painted in vibrant colours and acquainted with gold and silver jewellery. She was mesmerized by looking at the beauty of the temple. This was the best day of her life and she thanked Mother Parvati for it. As Daksha was walking alone on the temple corridor holding her plate, suddenly her cloth which was covering the plate fell off and for a brief moment of time she got scared she haphazardly picked the peace of cloth and covered her plate and went from there but all the people who were there noticed it, they noticed the sweet’s made of clay on the plate. She hurriedly went to Mother Parvati and asked her to leave now, mother Parvati surprisingly said we can stay here for more while, there is no problem as we have to do our rituals also and it is a bad omen to leave without completing any rituals.In one way or another Mother, Parvati convinced her to stay in the temple and she agreed.

On the other side of the story, people who saw the plate of Daksha with the sweets and eatery items made of clay told it to the pujari (Priest). He got furious as he thought she is going to make this place unholy by offering clay sweets to lord Shiva it will be a discourtesy of lord Shiva. He hastily went to a place near the statue of the lord Shiva where both Mother Parvati and Daksha were standing. Pujari (priest) came in and started yelling out loud on Daksha Dhoban, Disaster we have done a big sin by bringing Shudra to our temple, (by looking at Mother Parvati) it was your decision to bring her here you have done a terrible mistake. Mother Parvati all surprised asked the priest to be calm and tell us the reason for his outrage. To which priest says she came here to destroy purity and peace of this temple by bringing and offering the sweets made of clay to our lord Shiva. Mother Parvati defends her, it’s a lie she cannot do it, I fully trust her, she is herself the biggest devotee of lord Shiva and will not do anything to degrade the image of lord Shiva. Pujari (Priest) Talked to Mother Parvati while Daksha was hiding behind Mother Parvati and was scared, on the other side priest was standing surrounded by the devotees around him. Pujari (Priest) said to Mother Parvati then ask her to reveal to us the plate covered with the piece of cloth.


Mother Parvati looking at Daksha said no need to worry just shows them your plate and they will know the truth. Daksha was standing still holding the plate tight in her hands all scared, the expression of fear can be clearly seen on her face, her eyes filled with tears, and her face turned all pale. Mother Parvati looking at her came to know that Pujari is telling truth, with the eyes of disheartened she looked at Daksha and asked, eyes why you did do this? Daksha Dhoban eyes were down, she did not know what to say. She was sad and depressed not only did she make the place unholy but also broke the trust of her friend Mata Parvati. Tears started falling from her eyes, in this hour of distress she was thinking of her lord Shiva in her mind, oh lord Shiva please forgive me and take me out from this pain, Your devotee is in big trouble, she is foolish and bound to make mistakes the same way you are wise and bound to forgive, please save me from this humiliation, this Daksha Dhoban urges you to take her out from this trouble. In this world this wretched soul of mine has no one but you, you my lord. The one, lord of all the lords, kings of all the kings. this Daksha Dhoban is not rich and knowledgeable like all the Bahamian people, so she is not aware of all the rituals and how to do them and does not have money to buy all the sweets which are to be offered. In this world, I was always hated but to be with you, would give me happiness, and bliss to my soul.

Today not only my prestige is at stake but also the trust of Mother Parvati, please save me from this. Pujari ( priest ) again asked vigorously Daksha Dhoban to remove the piece of cloth from her plate, Daksha dhoban with her trembling hands removed the cloth slowly from her plate and as she removed the cloth to her surprise and surprise all the clay made sweets and ladoos and all the other eatery items have turned into real eatery items of sweets, Daksha Dhoban was shocked and relieved at the same time. Pujari himself was shocked and so does the others. And the more surprising fact was that the people who brought their plates of eatery items when they uncovered their plates, all changed into clay pieces. Oh lord, Shiva, you are great and supreme of all, your written plays can only be understood by you. Daksha Dhoban was emotionally overwhelmed, tears of joy could be clearly seen in her eyes, today you saved my honour and my prestige, the one who protected my relation of love and friendship with Mother Parvati. Oh lord, Shiva, your plays are incredible, only you can understand them. Oh lord Shiva today I got the fruitful result of my devotion, This Daksha who was abandoned by all was accepted by you and the one accepted by you need not to be accepted by none.

Daksha Dhoban offered her sweets to lord Shiva Deliberately and started to walk back from the temple holding the empty plate in a proud way, her head was straight up there was proud smile on her face as she got back her honour, her eyes were mist and few tears were there on her cheeks. All the others were shocked and were holding their plates with sweets made of clay standing there like fools don't know what to do, what to offer. Daksha Dhoban calmly and proudly


stepped down the stairs the justice of lord Shiva is great he is the supreme. Daksha Dhoban never went to that time who again and continued her rituals in her own way, in her own made temple. She came to know that though there was gold and silver in that time there was no love and devotion among people.

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