The digitalization of women in pandemic!

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Do you think digitalization has any crucial impact on women? Digitalization has formulated an incredible transition in the post-pandemic period.

This arena is not open to all women but some had stepped in and rendered remarkable changes. Women are arising and reflecting on how they can alter the world. They acquire all the liberties as that of the men. It can lead to a promising future.

Optimistic inception

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Digitalization mitigates the marginalization of women. All the members of the family began to share the household chores and women got ample leisure time. Many women started learning something new and formed their side hustle to earn a living.

Freelancing, Online tutoring, Social Media Manager, Blogging are some of the trending jobs for homemakers and work from home. Women entrepreneurs are raising their business through an Instagram store, trading through Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho.

A lot of homemakers were banned from study and work because their family doesn't allow them or they couldn't afford or access but now digitalization made everything possible for them. This hike is visible only after the endeavour of pandemic and this made everything possible for them.

Cynical consequence

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Women face many problems while they step into the digital world. Abuse and distinct obstacles are on the digital path. Cyberbullying, cybercrime, internet fraud are few hardships faced by them. Women tend to face a lot of health issues due to the overuse of digital resources. Some women still lack digital literacy, such illiteracy curbs them.

Many women from poor households are still unable to access the internet, faces connectivity issues. The affluent are exploring and the middle class started to peep into the world of the internet.

Choose to challenge

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As the international women's day theme implies. women should choose to challenge. All women should get digital literacy. They should utilize all the resources and nurture their skills and. Digitalization is crucial for the future generation.

Women will face challenges on their path. But they must be bold enough to challenge. More and more women should step into revitalization and should explore their niche.

Pandemic propels a few women to rise with their niche and follow their passion. This led to the betterment of their family and our nation.

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