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The Filter World!

Filter World | Human | 06th December 2022 | Virtual Wire



To All Teenagers, College life is the most wanted experience, the urge of being perfect, socially accepted and being centre of attraction.

I am talking about the phase where once behaviour is mould and new personality traits are formed by peer pressure in the world of sense, feeling and expression we are building a fake self in the virtual world of media, fake filters are expectations which cannot be fulfilled and a lie to others who get influence and build obsession of being others and not accepting the beauty they have, the followers will decide the socially acceptable criteria, the post and daily stories will build your personality, the colours in the filter will heal the pain behind the smile and the selfie with others will help you to show your love and affection to them. In college we try to be what we are not hiding our pain and being less expressive will help us to be socially involved rather than being socially bullied because teenagers understand the phase between school life and the end of college-era where you stop depending on others.


Here we learn in the world of competition and career building no one here stops and bothers to solve your issue and pain rather they take a sip of tea and walk on their own path, weakness of humankind is not duel socially acceptable and due to this we forget to accept ourself every person mould themselves according the environment but forget to accept their true self, the filter is not only on social media but it's appearing on ourself too were emotions, feelings, expressions and body language are mould according to the importance of the other person Infront of you, love depends on the price tag, friendship depends on the gathering plans, truthfulness lies on what you are loosing , emotions are manipulated, expressions are faked we are living in a world where we don’t actually know anyone, we don’t trust anyone, we love someone depending on what we get. The fake is fake but the real tend to be fake too.

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