The History and Importance of the NBA - A Celebration of 75 Years!

NBA | History | 75 Years | 21st October 2021 | Virtual Wire

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021, marked the opening of the NBA’s 75th year. Basketball is a sport that many people around the world love.

In their 75 seasons, they have accomplished a lot in terms of money, viewership, and legacy. Many superstars have shaped the league's history and are still impacting the game today. All seasons, the NBA will be celebrating its 75th anniversary by naming a specialized team of NBA Legends, TV specials, and other events. NBA’s legacy to sports is undeniable - it has survived for 75 years in a world that constantly changes to make room for new ideas, sports, and technologies. Read on as we review the history of this great sport and the moments that cement its legacy.

Who Was The Founder Of Basketball?


Basketball was invented in December 1891 by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts. As part of a class assignment, Naismith wrote the original 13 rules to the game. Basketball was initially a way to promote physical activity when people were often forced inside during the winter months.

Early basketball setups consisted of peach baskets attached to the balcony in Naismith’s local YMCA gym. Each nine-member team attempted to toss a soccer ball into that peach basket to score. By 1892, the game was played in YMCA’s across the globe, and the first intercollegiate game was in 1895 between the Minnesota School of Agriculture and Hamline College.

NBA History Timeline


Before the NBA, there was the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the National Basketball League (NBL). The BAA was established in 1946 and had 16 teams:

  • Boston Celtics.

  • Chicago Stags.

  • Detroit Falcons.

  • New York Knickerbockers.

  • Philadelphia Warriors.

  • Pittsburg Ironmen.

  • Providence Steamrollers.

  • St. Louis Bombers.

  • Toronto Huskies.

  • Washington Capitals.

  • Baltimore Bullets.

  • Fort Wayne Pistons.

  • Indianapolis Jets.

  • Minneapolis Lakers.

  • Rochester Royals.

Currently, there are six teams originally in the BAA that are sti