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Hope | 21st September 2022 | Virtual Wire



No one knows what is going to happen to him next few minutes. But everyone knows what to do in those next few minutes. We all know what we have to achieve in our life.

We all know what we have to do in the next few hours. We all understand our needs…. We all are clearly able to recognize our weaker sections…But what are all of us doing? Still remains a question in my mind….. Think about it…….!!!!!!!!!!

What do you want to achieve?????


Have u ever questioned yourself …??… What are u going to do in your future ?? How are u going to manage your left long life…?? Do u know in our life …. We all are too busy that we are unable to think of ourselves…. When we are in need …. We seek others…When we are in trouble we ….seek for others...Why won't we ever give time for ourselves…. To think how to overcome our own problems….I know nowadays…..due to busy life we are unable….but. … See the changes after having a short talk with yourself...

I know it's hard to have an honest talk on your own… we all can advise others but we ourselves think that we are intelligent enough to tackle the problems….. then why the hell do we always want someone to help us if we are that much intelligent….Could any of the readers answer me??….. No you all can't….. because you are one of those who overjudge your own potential…. In reality…. Lower your actual potential….The point is simply to have confidence in yourself but never try to build your confidence into overconfidence.


People later realize what they were lacking in those days which leads to their success to failure….. So don't be part of those who regret…. but be a part of those who celebrate….. What all you will decide today u will benefit or lose in the future…This thing we all know yet we didn't stop ourselves from doing wrong… or wasting time unnecessarily….My ques is why… do we dig well for ourselves? Have anyone of you ever thought about your parents .. who are working hard day and night for a better future…. Look at your siblings who always hope that you will help them financially or mentally in the future….But what you all are doing… betraying your parents and siblings. Have u ever thought about what would they feel when you yourself are going to fall into that well you dug before…..

Have you lost hope ??


It's one of the most critical and crucial themes in our life. You know losing hope is not really losing hope. Why? Because you people have made your mindset that you will not… or you could not. But my dear friends it is not that true. Guys losing hope is just a rubbish phrase … to which you people are addicted …. Just like drugs...Have you people ever heard of Jessica Cox or Thomas Elva Edition Or Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln…??I hope you must have heard some of these names… what would if these people at their time … have said that...I quit or no I can't… Think about it guys… Life is a race without breathing hard wins it.. is the winner… and whoever starts breathing in the Middle is definitely going to lose the race… Here breathing means losing hope… who confidentially keeps on working without worrying about the future… is going to achieve a lot more than those who work and stop in fear that what if he loses or what if he fails??

It has been scientifically proven that one who continuously thinks something for a month ….. the respective person will become like that. So what are you thinking about.. get up and wash your face? Start a new journey and be always positive guys… Remember you have come into the world alone and will go alone… so there's nothing to lose like… Then what's the problem… Get up. Go for long self-talk then restart all the projects you left behind…


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