The Hope line Part: 2!

Hopeline | 21st September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Are you left alone in your path? It's not you who is going to decide whether you are alone or you are with the group you want to be with.

The above sentence has a deep meaning as many people decide by themselves that they are alone and nobody is with them but they never think about the soul which is always with them and never give up until and unless their mind decides to make them like a useless guy.

So what do you want to live like now?.... Like a useless fellow or like someone who is going to rock like anything else in the World… think about it and let your mind settle in the situation in which it is comfortable. As for I think your mind is going to settle down like someone who is going Rock like anything in the world…

Every brain wants pleasure and it defines the meaning of pleasure from our thoughts and memory power…..if we continuously think about something that is just used less our brain finds pleasure in thinking only of that useless thing. And if we are thinking about our alone path Brain defines this loneliness as a part of pleasure….As I said that it's not you who decides whether you are alone on you are with the group of people you want to be with…. But it's the brain who decides where you are standing… it's your willpower that decides where are you whether with the success or with silly thoughts…..


So train your brain to get pleasure in the path you have decided for your successful life…. not your thoughts that are going to ruin you with a harsh depression….And if you talk about your family or teammates being with you or not with you…'s their choice .. let them do their job...what you have to do is just to focus on the path you have decided and just give your hundred per cent best to get success in the path you have decided…..after your,success your family members and teammates are those who are going to cheer for you. So never let yourself down due to their absence….

They are not with you because they are thinking that you will not succeed …. but prove yourself by succeeding in the path that you have decided and the Tears in their eyes will be the results or the gift for your success... And determination towards the work you made during their absence… Believe me, it would be the best gift for your teammates and your parents ...that you yourself are standing on your own feet without their help or their assistance. Parents only need the happiness of their child and they will never let you down or leave you alone….. have faith in them and in yourself that you day will prove to yourself that you were not wrong.

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