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O’Shea Jackson is better known as Ice Cube was 1st introduced to the world as an intimidating but well-respected rapper from Compton, California.

He started out in the Hip Hop supergroup called N.W.A. He would eventually go solo and craft hit songs such as “Today Was a Good Day” & “Check Yourself.” He would then become a Hip Hop talent scout, discovering a no-nonsense female rap star named Yo-Yo with producer Sir Jinx. With all his success in music, his true business savvy & impact took place in Hollywood.

Ice Cube Becomes the Coolest Cat in Hollywood


In 1991, Ice Cube made his big film debut as Darren “Doughboy” Baker in the classic film Boyz in the Hood, directed by John Singleton. Cube has referenced Singleton as a mentor, seeing as how Singleton gave Cube his first opportunity in acting & showed him the ropes on how to produce a film. Ice Cube most certainly took notes from Singleton but first, he would proceed to build his acting resume, appearing in movies such as Trespass, The Glass Shield, & another Singleton film, Higher Learning.

In 1995, Ice Cube would make his debut behind the scenes, as he produced, co-wrote and starred in the film Friday, co-starring then, upstart comedian, Chris Tucker, John Witherspoon, Tiny Lister & his fellow Boyz in the Hood cast-mate Regina King. The movie would become a cult classic & a major success at the box office, grossing $27 Million on a $3.5 Million budget. This was the beginning of Ice Cube’s film company Cube Vision & it was also the beginning of his 1st franchise, as he would go on to play the role of Executive Producer for the following films, Next Friday & Friday After Next, co-starring another rising star comedian Mike Epps. The Friday Franchise would go on to gross over $121 million combined.


Cube would produce another franchise entitled Barbershop 1, 2 & 3. It would go on to gross $235 million combined. It went on to produce a spinoff film, Beauty Shop starring Queen Latifah, which grossed $37 Million. His other franchises include Ride Along 1 & 2, co-starring Kevin Hart & Tika Sumpter would go on to gross $279 Million combined & his most family-friendly franchise Are We There Yet & Are We Done Yet co-starring his Boyz in the Hood cast-mate, Nia Long, which grossed over $155 million combined.

Ice Cube & Cube vision would produce other films like First Sunday, Janky Promoters, Lottery Ticket & The Players Club starring Lisaraye McCoy & the Late Great comedian Bernie Mac. Cube would go on to reunite with Mike Epps to create the action-packed comedy All About the Benjamins. However, it would be in 2015, where he & his fellow NWA alum Dr. Dre would go and produce the biographical film on the life & times of the Hip Hop Super Group in the film entitled Straight Outta Compton starring his oldest son & rising star actor O’Shea Jackson Jr.

The film was promptly named after the groups’ groundbreaking album that truly launched their careers. The film would have a MONSTER opening weekend, grossing $60 Million in the box office in the United States & Canada. The film would gross over $200 Million Worldwide. It became a shocking success in the film world, but a MASSIVE VICTORY for Hip Hop Culture. Ice Cube would later go on to do more acting in Anaconda co-starring Jennifer Lopez, 21 Jump Street & 22 Jump Street starring Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum. All in all, the point of this article was to shine the light on the creative brilliance & game-changing success of Ice Cube & Cube Vision in Hollywood.


While Black directors & producers like Tyler Perry, Jordan Peele, Lena Waithe & Ava Duvernay are receiving their flowers & accolades in Hollywood & rightfully so, Ice cube has seemed to get overlooked for his contributions. Unlike the storytellers before him such as John Singleton & Spike Lee, who told much deeper & heartfelt stories about life in the urban community, Ice Cube really found a lane for a bit more humorous side of urban life, telling more relatable, everyday stories in his films & he turned those comical “Hood Films” into Cult Classic Franchises. For that, we salute Ice Cube & Cube Vision, for their vision & different perspective on everyday life in our communities. Ice Cube, thanks for the many years of great entertainment & I must say, whenever we went to see a Cube Vision film, That Day Was A Good Day!!!

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