The Impact Story That Shifted The World!

Impact Story | Shifted | World | 13th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Can You Remember A Certain Event That Altered Your Perspective On Life?

It Had Been A Long Time Since I Had Missed Out On A Particular Movie I Enjoyed. So I Decided To Pick Up From Where I Stopped. Trust Me It Was Interesting Seeing This Movie. While I Watched An Event That Kept Rolling Into My Thoughts, 9/11 Later It Struck Me That Yesterday Was 9/11 And 21 Years Since This Event Occurred.

The Effects Of The 9/11 Terror Attacks Are Still Felt In New York And The Us As A Whole 21 Years Later. Sep.11, 2022, At 13:31 Edt. The Ap: New York 21 Years After The Deadliest Terror Attack On American Soil, Americans Mourned 9/11 On Sunday With Tearful Tributes And Calls To "Never Forget." A Necklace Containing A Picture Of Bonita Mentis's Murdered Sister, Shevonne Mentis, Was Worn While She Went Around Reading The Names Of The Victims At The World Trade Center. The Guyanese Immigrant, 25, Had A Job At A Financial Company While Attending College. "Though It Has Been 21 Years, It Hasn't Been 21 Years For Us. It Feels Like Yesterday," Mentis Remarked. "The Wounds Still Feel Raw."

Mr. Bluntly Said,


On That Day 21 Years Later I Can Still Remember Where I Stood, Who I Was Talking To, What He Said To Me, And The Reply I Gave Him, "We Didn't Make That Event, But The Event Made Us And It Birthed An Intense Fight Against Terrorism." This Story Brings To Mind The Statement A Colleague Of Mine Made Some Time Ago. He Said And I Quote"Jesus Didn't Resurrect His Disciples Made Up The Story". Surprising Right, You Can Imagine My Thoughts When He Said That, So I Decided To Look Inwards To Find An Answer To This Statement.

Here Is My Analogy


  • Jesus Loved His Disciples And They Loved Him Too. They Wanted Him To Always Be There For Them As Some Even Anticipated Him Becoming King So They Could Be Appointed Positions In His Reign.

  • His Disciples Grew Fond Of Him To The Point That The Last Thing On Their Minds Was He Being Taken Away From Their Side.

  • All Of A Sudden, He Is Handed Over To Be Crucified, And At Least For The First Week, These Guys Are Completely Devastated With No Thought On How To Move On.

  • On Account Of His Death Those Who Handed Him Over To Be Crucified Speak To Each Other, This Man Claimed He Will Come Back To Life After 3 Days So They Intensify Security Because They Do Not Want His Disciples To Steal His Body And Claim He Is Alive.

Look Critically At The Characters Involved


  • The Disciples Were Devastated And Afraid Because Of The Death Of Their Teacher.

  • Those Who Crucified Him Made A Conscious Effort To Keep Their Claims Valid.

Do You Think That The Disciples In Their Devastated And Fearful State Will Go To Combat A Secure Tomb To Steal The Body Of Jesus? It's Simple Logic To Place Yourself In Their Shoes That Would Be The Last Thing On The Mind Of A Person Grieving At Least For The First Week You Are Still Overwhelmed By The Sad Event. Don't You Think That Those Who Crucified Him To Prove A Point Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Their Claims Right? It's Simple Logic. So Now Jesus Made Personal Contact With His Disciples After His Death And Infused Them With So Much Boldness That The First Sermon Preached Had 3000 Converts. They Couldn't Hold Back On What They Had Seen This Event Made Them. Every Time Divinity Makes Contact With The Earth There Is Always A Divine Witness the Disciples Did Not Make The Resurrection, The Resurrection Made Them. If You Don't Get This, You Can Ask America Why They Would Never Forget 9/11.

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