The Issue Of Increasing Births in Nigeria!

Nigeria | Birth | Issue | 30th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

According to Aaron O'Neill in an article written in Statista, Nigeria is ranked the 18th largest African country with the highest fertility rate. (

Is this a blessing or a curse?

Culturally, a woman with less than three to four children can be seen as a woman that is not fertile enough, because her fertility should yield her more than that. On the other hand, women with no kids at all can be labelled barren without any proven evidence.

In the olden days, the excuse for giving birth to many kids was the need to have sufficient hands to work in the large farms that people had. Although that's not the case now as a result of the presence of more skilled/refined jobs due to modernisation and urbanisation, there is still the subtle pressure on women to give birth.

This situation has caused several families to run into debts trying to find ways to get a child. Whereas the nation continues to suffer the woes of not being able to take care of its increasing population.

Other damages that the desperation of having a child has cause in Nigeria includes:

1. Enmity/Suspicions among family members as the cause of the 'so-called barrenness.

2. Unfaithfulness between partners. Men and women have been found to leave their wives or husbands as the case may be, to be with someone else in a 'better position' to give them children.

Nigeria is still a developing nation. It will be unwise for people to pursue having kids like gold when they are surrounded by the reality that they may struggle (metaphorically like a camel passing through the eye of a needle) to give these kids all they'll need to survive. Having kids is not the problem as much as giving them a better standard of life.

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