The loop of productivity!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Loop | Productivity | 30th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Are you someone who gets stressed while seeing your unchecked to-do list? Do you like to work more and increase your income, then are you inside the loop of productivity.

Before the Pandemic struck, everyone was conferred to their world but now many are getting addicted to productivity and that leads to mental anxiety to work more and earn more. Certain self-help books and other productive gurus gave through this notion of productivity.

Hustle culture is a budding social phenomenon and it has a crucial consequence on the post-pandemic world. Productivity is getting overhyped these days. This is the essence of the materialistic world to work more and earn more. The hype of productivity is because people prefer to work more and earn more so people are busy forming their hustles. Everyone admires to be a millionaire and craves to be popular and they are all busy earning their money.

Here are a few problems faced who are inside the productivity loop.


Prolonged working hours may result in mental and physical exhaustion and leads to many ailments such as hypertension and a rise in blood pressure. It drains out energy and makes you sicken.

Time crunches and blocking

They set timers for their work and entertainment which may cause a lot of mental distress. Unchecked deadlines can be their nightmares. They've hectic schedules and their calendar is filled with meetings and appointments. The calendar is filled with meetings and appointments and tends to have a robotic lifestyle.

Brutal minimalism

Minimalism is a part of this productive culture. Some of them tend to be minimalistic and save all their hard-earned for the future without spending it on necessities.

A little creativity

Productive gurus have no time for relaxation or their relaxation to have time schedules. nurturing creativity and innovation may be an artificial process.

Obsession towards outcome dependence

Workaholic behaviours and goal-based activities may force them to always look towards the outcome and if they fail to reach their anticipated target that can be a mental trauma.

Ignoring emotional state

Emotional status determines the quality of our work so productive people track it! They tend to ignore their emotional state and work toward goals. They never want to miss their consistency.

Mitigate productivity obsession

Both productivity and mental health should go hand in hand. One should be productive at the same time they must enjoy the charm of life. Productivity will bring mental satisfaction but the obsession with productivity will devastate their life.

These are few steps to overcome from the product it loops Ways to overcome

Take a break from all the stress. Practice meditation religiously. Be mindful.

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