The Millenial Women: Empowered One!

Millennial Women | Empowered | 16th December 2021 | Virtual Wire



We are living in this day and age where our ideals and narration are far-off from what they used to be. Each generation that lives has this extrinsic classification and mark.

Millennials are no different. These individuals who were born during the last two decades of the 20th century provide a glimpse of how changed we are from the previous ones especially, how empowered women are. Women rights have been fought for many decades now and it is without a doubt that it demands continuously clanging to be heard. In the past, we were discriminated against based on our gender and connotations that other people attached to their prejudiced beliefs. They classified what is beautiful and what is not, resulting in the perspective that we have to live up to other people’s expectations rather than living our own.

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However, just like the diamond demands to be broken before crystallizing, this provides likeness to women of today who learned to appreciate and love who they are after being broken by hate and thus, making them empowered on their own. The Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu showed proof of how empowered millennial women actually are. With her final statement during the pageant, she identified the problem among the youth and provided strength and encouragement to speak up and lead the life they have.

This is not just a winning answer but truly sends out motivation to everyone watching around the world. The kind of power that transcends the message reflects how millennial women fight their battles and make sure that it will leave a mark on other people. Being empowered millennial women is not just about reaching the highest awareness of life but it is the ability to bring courage and bravery to every person listening to you.

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