The Mind: A Beautiful Mess!

Mind | Beautiful Mess | 13th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Imagine this; you’re at a hangout and someone says something funny, but you didn’t catch it because you were singing Burna boy’s song (common person) in your head.

Asking the person to tell the joke again would be like pouring water on a loaf of bread. The joke will be stale and won’t be funny as the first time, but for courtesy, you'd want to make up for your inattention, even if you aren't interested again. Let’s take it like this: the mind is a blackboard, and your brain is the chalk you draw. When we fantasize in our imagination, the brain draws on the board (mind), creating a mental picture suited to our taste. It filters external noise and focuses on that image even if you’re stuck in traffic consciously.

The mind is chaotic mental responsible and mentally responsible for mental phenomena like pain, experience, thoughts, belief, emotions, intention, and perception. A clash in the above could lead to an internal battle that can lead to a feeling of anxiety, panic, trauma and worry. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, the chaos can make you unproductive. From dealing with insomnia and fear, the human mind can’t help but fall into a mental breakdown.


The mind is a beautiful mess. The movement of imagination transcending memories shows us how powerful we are when we think. Our thinking can set us free, our thinking can trap us. Historical philosophers and higher achievers have agreed on a universal truth; you are what you think. Choose to think happily, how you think and how you feel directly impacts how your body reacts, and it influences how you behave and what actions you take.

The mind is not existing alone. It envelopes inside a soul that lives in a body. It is tamable. Therapy, meditation, prayer, quiet time, music; Mindfulness exercises are very much like physical exercise: If you don’t do it, you don’t benefit, but if you engage in mindfulness practice, you benefit. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on a particular thing without losing attention.

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