The Mindful Eating!

Mindful | 04th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Dieting has been one of the latest fads among millions of internet users today. There are numerous apps, YouTube channels, blogs and websites that promote dieting. It can be pretty good to reduce weight.

You can follow it for a couple of months to reach the goal you desire. But what after that? What happens when you complete your ideal weight loss goal? Do you follow the diet for eternity? And does your weight remain the same after you stop dieting?

My Story

When I gained a lot of weight, I researched on the internet how to lose weight. Dieting and exercise are all I got in my suggestions. People told me, “You cannot lose weight with exercise alone. You need to diet too to lose weight.” And hence, I started keto dieting along with exercising.

I cut down on carbs, ate a lot of proteins and a bit of fibre. It was pretty tough for me. Although I am not proud to admit it, I love eating junk food and refined carbs a lot. (And I’m pretty sure a lot of you feel the same!) It was tough for me to forget all about junk food at once and make restrictions even on the healthy food that I ate. But I did it anyway, for the sake of my body.

After a month, I did lose quite a bit of weight. (Around 3kgs) I felt healthier and happier with my body. I continued it for another month and lost another 3kgs. I reached my goal of weighing 50kgs.

I was overjoyed. But it was still difficult for me to restrict myself from eating. Since I had completed my target, there was no need for me to continue dieting. Hence, I stopped both dieting and exercising.

The problems started two months later, from the time I stopped dieting. I started gaining weight again. I was horrified to see my weight on the weighing scale. I had already gained 2kgs. I started exercising again without pushing myself too hard. The progress was slow. I realized that dieting is not working for me.

I saw another friend of mine facing the problem. She gave up in both dieting and exercising and went back to her initial weight three months later from the time she gave up.

I think most of us face this problem. The problem with dieting is that it focuses on “whatto eat. It restricts our food intake. Dieting can give us a negative relationship with our food.

I was unhappy for the entire time I was dieting because I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted. But we all are aware that eating a burger will not help us in maintaining our weight. So then, what to do?

Mindful Eating

There is intermittent fasting to solve this problem. You do not have to restrict your food intake nor exercise if you do intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is also a trend nowadays.

It is pretty efficient too. But if you’re someone like me who don’t want to fast either, then there’s another way. I came across this new way of eating on Headspace. (it’s a mediation app) It’s called mindful eating.

Mindful eating focuses on the “why of eating and not on the “what”. The idea of mindful eating is to pay attention to our bodily cues that tell us whether we’re hungry or full. It gives us an idea of how much to eat.

Many of us who have weight gain issues eat more than what is required. We eat out of boredom or eat for the sake of eating. Mindful eating makes us pay attention to our body’s hunger calls when we eat.

How to eat mindfully?