The new oil of Internet: 5G!

5G | Internet | 21st July 2021 | Virtual Wire

It is one of the generational internet connection speed names. The 3G, 4G and now 5G are in focus on improving mobile data. The new 5G is planned to work alongside 4G, eventually overcoming and replacing it entirely. However, the change from 4G to 5G concerns a lot of people with myths of its dangers for the health of humans and animals.

To begin with, the 5G speed won’t be limited by the number of users that use one internet. It will allow all users to share the same speed of data, use different devices at the same time. However, the coverage of 5G territories might be a problem. There are still not enough 5G towers compared to the 3G or 4G ones. Also, at the same time, the radio frequency may become a problem. As many different sources are using 6GHz, the internet signal might not be transmitted.

Another would be the research of technology that holds 5G capabilities. To this day there is still not enough technology covering enough for smart devices. Yet tests showed that it could work well on desktops or laptops but for mobiles, there is still a bit of time for full development.

Also, there is already a race going on to see which company will be the first to release the wireless technology. However, the downfall of this is the battery life. Because of 5G internet speed, the energy consumption might increase which indicates battery life is way faster than with 4G. On the side, it as well makes mobile hot which might cause consumers to change their batteries to the new one.

What concerns health issues there also is few downfalls and positive outcomes. One of those would be that patients will be able to reach hospitals and doctors way faster and better. Furthermore, the visits to different doctors will be easier.

The huge files – up to 1 gigabyte of composite could be sent faster. With the file transference between places, robotic surgery will be easier as well. As robotics are connected to computers through the internet they will provide the highest quality of staff and patient experience.

However, compared to 4G, 5G doesn’t travel as far. The rural areas are still under development. The areas are blocked by woods, or not enough electricity, tall buildings might cause the connection not able to reach certain cities. As a result, different telecom carriers deploy many small radios and antennas to release signals as close as thirty meters apart which cause city pollution of radio waves.

All in all, 5G has quite a few pros and cons of its own. Yet knowing health benefits between hospital staff, connections between cities and rural areas could make through the cons. Hopefully, in the future, technology will be developed enough to be healthy and expand everyone’s view of the world.

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