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Politics | Argentina | 13th September 2021 | Virtual Wire

This Friday began in Argentina the electoral ban, a period during which no political propaganda of any kind can be made, as a consequence of the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primary Elections for deputies and senators.

During this short period, and after weeks full of tension, the Argentine people take a break

from politics while they debate which political party they will choose for this instance. But not everything has to be tedious or boring. Therefore, we are going to review the most outstanding scandals, situations and phrases of this electoral campaign, which promises to

be the most unusual in the whole Argentine democracy.

We start with Frente de Todos, the ruling party under the presidency of Alberto Fernandez, whose administration was questioned by the celebration at the Quinta de Olivos, the main

presidential residence, in July last year. Let us remember that the mandatory quarantine,

dictated under a DNU, began in March 2020. Just when the campaign was starting to take a good course for the party, an image was released that turned everything upside down. Fernandez, together with his wife and a few other guests, was celebrating her birthday in the middle of the covid pandemic. It was in this context that the least expected scandal broke out.

At first, the president "washed his hands" and discarded all responsibility, but as the days went by, he assumed how things had happened and apologized to the whole country. Today, and only one day before the closing of the campaign, Frente de Todos has decided to leave everything that happened in the past, calling the people to go through next Monday a "serious" debate of the country "without insults, inequality and parity of conditions for all".

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Continuing with the pandemic scandals, we have to mention Amalia Granata and a video that would leave the pre-candidate for national senator of Juntos por el Cambio of Santa Fe,

Federico Angelini, in a bad light. In the images, we can see her celebrating her birthday

surrounded by friends, among them some celebrities, without any kind of sanitary protocol. But this is not what is striking, she had previously harshly criticized President Alberto Fernandez for the scandal of the party at the Olivos residence. How ironic, isn't it?

Continuing along this path, we have to name a party that has made its place in this electoral

the campaign, inviting young people to "vote for a freer Argentina".

We are talking about Avanza Libertad, a party headed by José Luis Espert and Carolina Píparo. Let us remember that Javier Milei, who will compete against other parties to win his place in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA), was part of the team until, according to what Espert himself said during an interview with Julio Leiva, "Javier is doing very well in the city". And it seems that Milei, perhaps, could have disassociated himself from a problem that Espert had to face since some months ago he was linked to Federico Machado, a drug dealer who had been arrested in Neuquén by the Airport Security Police, after an Interpol request for alleged drug trafficking in the United States.

Machado is linked to the Florida-based South Aviation aeroplane company and allegedly financed political campaigns, such as those of the Liberal. But this doesn’t mean that the other part of the libertarian party is spared. It is well known that in Argentina it seems more important to attack other candidates than to share campaign proposals. And something like that did Javier Milei, with his party La Libertad Avanza, when at the Crobar nightclub in Palermo, the controversial economist assured that "the political caste" is very nervous about the growth of the liberal space and assured that Governor Rodriguez Larreta is "probably the dirtiest politician in Argentina". Is this the way of doing politics nowadays?

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Apparently so, because Florencio Randazzo wasn’t t left behind and took it to a new level. If

there is an advertising spot that caught all the attention, it is the one of Vamos con Vos, which reproduces an alleged dialogue with former President Cristina Kirchner, in June 2015, when he refused to be a candidate for governor of Buenos Aires accompanying the presidential ticket of Daniel Scioli and Carlos Zannini. Randazzo, then Minister of Interior

and Transportation intended to face Scioli in the presidential primaries that Cristina did not approve.

His refusal derived from labelled the provincial PASO promoted by Kirchnerism, in which

Aníbal Fernández was defeated by Maria Eugenia Vidal, from Juntos x el Cambio. And if this

spot wasn’t enough, with the slogan "Florencio does good", a short video labelled labelled"homophobic" was launched, which generated controversy and criticism during this week. Who is advising these people? But if it is about criticism, Frente de Izquierda arrives to break expectations, and with the trap of "Les pipes" against capitalism, we had enough. But no. In this country, it is never enough.

And even less now, when we learn that the Left Front raised suspicions for the "excessive electoral spending''. The continuous presence of candidates in provinces and cities puts in

check several economic issues. While the officialism points to Larreta, the PRO sees help from the Frente de Todos. The question is, who is providing the money? This was alerted by

an expert in CABA campaigns, who said:

"They are spending much more than what they receive from the state, here there is a black hand", remembering that Nicolás del Caño's face can be seen in the most important streets and most strategic billboards. But well, in this election weekend we must try to leave these wild disputes behind and take our vote to the ballot box

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in the most peaceful way possible. But, at the end of the day, we are in Argentina.

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