The not-so-secret techniques of Time Management!

Time | Management | 21st July 2021 | Virtual Wire

Try and imagine a situation that I’m about to explain to you: You wake up, drink a fresh cup of coffee or tea, whichever you prefer. Last night, you’d planned your entire day’s schedule.

Wake up, freshen up, start completing your work, a little break for playing video games and another 3 breaks for your meals, wind up all the tasks by evening and vibe the night away! But oh? What’s that? The game that you play has received an update? Got to check it out first then, am I right?

You update the game, check out what new content has been released and start playing. Some time has passed now and you realise that it’s evening! And the worst part, you couldn’t get a single page’s worth of work done!

What a way to waste your precious time. Now, let me ask you something? Has a similar experience ever happened to you? If yes, fret not! For I’ve come with the perfect solution to free you from this problem! Let me unravel to you, the secret, yet not-so-secret ninja techniques of time management!

Find out where your time leaks off to:

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to chase after your time physically. What I mean is, finding out what is that one activity due to which you are wasting your time. If we go by the situation I described above, then that activity would be gaming. In fact, it can be anything that you do in a day!

Reading a book, cooking, going for a drive, exercising… by anything, I really do mean anything! Once, you find out what it is, focus on minimising the time spent on that task.

Set clear goals on what you wish to achieve:

Don’t start off your work by setting any goal! Setting a goal essentially means that you have a destination that you wish to reach, which in turn, will help you maintain concentration and focus on a singly task.

Plan an entire week’s schedule beforehand:

What you can do, to minimise lethargy and laziness, is planning your entire week’s schedule before it begins, preferably on a Sunday. You see, this can actually work wonders in helping you prioritise your task list.

For example, you can set low-priority tasks for Mondays, because, well, Monday morning blues! Also, setting some high-priority tasks at the week’s end can feel very rewarding as the next day, you can simply relax, knowing you’ve completed all your tasks.

Block out distractions:

Ah yes, distractions. Wherever you set your eyes, there always exists that one outlying element that is so magnetic and attractive, it can eat away at your time before you realise it.

The only thing one can do is take measures to block them out and move them out of your vision and reach.

For example, if your primary source of distraction is your smartphone, simply switch it off or put it on DND (Do Not Disturb) and place it somewhere out of your reach. It’s as they say, out of sight and out of mind!

Don’t procrastinate:

This is something that I too struggle with at times. Don’t wait for an inspiration or an energy boost to come knocking on your front door. If you have a task in hand, do it now! And trust me, there doesn’t exist a more rewarding feeling than finishing your work on time.

So, these were some tips from my side. However, simply reading them won’t do you any good. Try implementing them properly in your day-to-day life and see the difference for yourself! You can definitely do it; I believe in you!

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