The One from 2021!

Year-End | 28th December 2021 | Virtual Wire



The door of 2021 is about to close. We are nearing towards end and it’s about a matter of two days before we say goodbye. With all of this, what is The One you can highlight in your 2021?

Will it be in your health, relationships, business, mental, or physical? We cannot deny that 2021 has been a room filled with fear due to pandemics but also has a window of opportunity as we develop vaccines to fight it and slowly return to the new normal.

The early start of 2021 is dreadful as cases of the virus became rampant again. Millions around the world have to practice quarantine and isolation from their loved ones. The agony and pain that come along with this challenge are not just physical but also mental health. Depressions and other mental sickness amplify as separation is demanded to be safe from the spread.


Hope sneaks out the window as vaccines roll-out started. Many countries push through their own creation and others choose to buy from these companies. As they started injecting, cases are still rampant but the effect of vaccines is slowly becoming visible. Other people initially became sceptical about it and thus push for more research about the matter. With the start of vaccinations, business slowly regains their physical place in society. Workers are now encouraged to come not virtually as long as they are fully vaccinated.


The more population take the shots of vaccines, the more countries allow occurring physical meet-ups. At this time, children now can partake in it. This allows them to feel safe and also be outdoors after a long period. Hopefully, even with the threat of new variants, vaccines will still work and continue to battle the virus for the betterment of everyone. The one of 2021 is no other than vaccines. They saved people from extreme Covid cases and shed hope in times of darkness. When everything is dreadful from 2020, 2021 has its the one to help so go ahead and be vaccinated.

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