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What’s the one thing that I do that I would recommend others to do also? What’s that one thing except the daily healthy habits that I want everybody to practice?

It’s Diary-writing. Many people are confused about what diary writing is about and how can you keep on writing without a certain topic to focus on. So today I am going to take you through the world of dairy writing.

What is dairy writing?


Dairy writing or journal writing whatever you want to call it is about writing the things going on in your mind. There are many ways of writing a diary. You might write about what you are grateful for or thankful for or can give a whole account of your day or might write down a few sentences which define your day. Dairy writing is usually meant to be personal and private. Like these are the things going inside your mind. Your diary writing should reflect who you are what principles you live on or how you perceive things around you and what are your thoughts. One who reads your diary in an alternate way reads your mind. They know how you think and what could be your reaction in a certain situation. So it’s better to keep your diary only for you as I think some things are meant to be just for you and no one else.

What do you need for dairy writing?


A pen and paper. Dairy writing is an extravagant process, mentally. You don’t need fancy things as you are not holding it up for the world to see it. It’s your personal thing, so do it the way you like it. There are many dairies designed just for writing things you are grateful or thankful for or you can take up a random diary and write in it or just a normal copy or as I mentioned early just a piece of paper.

From my personal experience I would not suggest you use a single piece of paper as it might get misplaced or end up in the wrong hands. You can use a copy or a diary to give you the feel of diary writing. I personally am a detailed writer. Like I like to describe the whole day, highlight the important events and tell what I did the whole day. Usually for writers who go for detailed writing that single page of a diary might not be enough. Don’t worry. Don’t think you are overdoing things. It’s natural. It happens to me too. So I use 2 diaries and a copy. When the space for the first one is not enough I move to the second one and if I feel the second one is even not enough I move to the copy.,

Rules of diary writing


Yeah diary writing is something that should come from within but there are some basic rules that one should follow to make the process smooth.

  • Maintain dates. Suppose you are writing for the date of 19th July 2022, use the space allotted in the diary for that day only. Don’t jump to the next date to complete the writing. You can use another diary if you want or directly skip to a copy. In a copy, you have ample space and keep on writing till the much your heart wants. But please make sure you have at least one diary to maintain the dates.

  • Fix a time. It’s better to fix a time and write a diary. Doesn’t matter if you are a detailed writer or not. The time before going to sleep is the best time according to me because you have made it through the day and now can jot down everything that happened or note down everything you are thankful for in the whole day. Yeah but there can be instances happy or sad where you feel like I need to write about this right now or intense feelings from the within that you feel like your dairy is calling out to you. Please don’t ignore such signs. It might happen when you write about the event later you might not have the eagerness or the feelings of that moment have died down.

  • Leave out. It might happen you have been very busy or your sick or on a trip because of which you could not sit with your diary that day. Leave out the space allotted in the diary for that day and move on to the next one. But don’t forget. Make sure you take out some time to write about the day you left out.

  • Day, Date and Time. I know that all diaries have a whole calendar printed in them and have mention of the day and dates on every page but still, I would ask you to mention the day date and time by yourself in your handwriting. To make it interesting you can use different inks to write the details. Take my instance, I have 6 different inks and I use them alternately each day to write the day, date and time while keeping the main zest of writing with a basic blue or black ink. (And take my advice colourful ink, in the long run, doesn’t look good also).

Advantages of dairy writing


So what good does diary writing do to you? It provides you with your much-awaited me-time. It plays the role of an attentive listener. It is like you are talking with an inner you. You will know that you are doing good diary writing when you will create an emotional and loving bond with your diary. The much-awaited time of your day will be the time you are writing dairy. (As for me I feel guilty whenever I miss out on a day). You will never feel alone. You can write down thoughts you can never ever share with the world in a diary. You will start to feel it as a person who might not be able to speak up to you but will definitely be with you all throughout. And believe me, once you start writing diary you will slowly- slowly, day by day feel the emotions and then I don’t have to explain them to you. You will know it yourself.

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