The Power of Introverts!

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Do you often hear taunting from people around you because you claim yourself to be an introvert?

Have their words affected you so much that you now think that you are really weird and not “normal” like the others? Have you started self-hating yourself because of being an introvert? Well, let me tell you then there is nothing weird or abnormal about being an introvert. And actually, you may have some unique powers which your extrovert friends lack.


  • Introverts spend a lot of their time which people usually confuse as alone time but mostly it is found that alone time is the best part of the day for introverts. As they spend the solitary time they come across themselves more, they understand what they need in life, they get to know themselves and can calculate before taking any step leaving less repercussion about their decision in them.

  • Just because we don’t say anything doesn’t mean we are sad. In a group often when someone doesn’t say anything people mistake them for being sad. We are not speaking doesn’t mean we are sad. You might be too loud or too busy to speak rather than listen. Introverts think and analyse everything before speaking and giving their opinion but when they say it they are firm and have full knowledge of what they are speaking.

  • Introverts are shy and antisocial; Introverts are people hating other people. But these all are misconceptions. We also like going out and having parties but unlike extroverts who get mentally energised and physically tired after a party, introverts feel all their energy drained out, mentally and at that point, they need some time alone.

  • Introverts think instead of small talk it’s better to have long meaningful conversations and make every word count. This results in introverts having a few friends but that connection is way deep.

  • Introverts adore the peaceful world because of which they can notice small beautiful things in nature that others may miss out on. They can create their own peaceful place anywhere either by listening to favourite music or reading a book or randomly getting engrossed in the thoughts of their mind.


So don’t keep away what your heart is saying just because you need to prove to somebody that you are as normal as they are or that you also like doing what they do. Enjoy the things others enjoy your way. Just because most of them do it doesn’t mean that’s the only right way. Don’t force yourself to do things what others wanted to see you doing. Just be you that is enough. This quiet power of being an introvert is your strength. Don’t ruin it. Gandhiji once said-

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

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