The Pressure of Athletes to succeed!

Pressure | Athletes | Sucess | 04th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics go on, we see once again the efforts that various athletes put into the different sports that they participate in, and the pressure on them to succeed.

While we have fun watching them use their skills and showcase their years of training, the athletes themselves are in it most times with the aim of winning and proving to themselves and those around them that they are not failures.

It is this sort of pressure that they face as vividly described by Patrick Cohn in his article “Does Pressure Affect Performance During Competitions? That leads some of these skilful, hard-working athletes to use drugs to perform better.

Recently, a Nigerian athlete; Blessing Okagbare, a sprinter and silver Olympic long jump medallist was disqualified on the grounds of being tested positive for a Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

The question isn’t why she may have used a performance-enhancing drug as much as how many athletes fall into the trap of actually using them for the aim of winning. In 2017, research complied by Karolos Grohmann of Reuters, showed that more than 100 athletes have been found to have used drugs at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics.

I think it is time people stop looking at athletes like some sort of super-humans. They are humans like us. We mustn’t expect them to succeed all the time. There must always be a winner in every competition/game. But that doesn’t mean those who don’t win are failures.

Every athlete has a right to enjoy the games they participate in. The only way they can is if the pressure to succeed is lifted off their shoulders.

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