The Role Of Technology In Education!

Role Of Technology | Education | 23rd September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Post Covid-19 Reality: According to the International Society for Technology in Education, many of the high-demand positions of today were developed in the previous ten years (ISTE).

Teachers may assist their students to develop the abilities they'll need to succeed in the jobs of the future as technological advancements fuel globalization and digital transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic is swiftly illuminating the need for online education as an essential component of teaching and learning. Teachers can use online learning as a potent teaching tool by incorporating it into existing curricula rather than only using it to manage crises.

Student engagement may be raised, lesson planning can be improved, and tailored learning can be facilitated with the wise use of digital learning tools in the classroom. It also aids in the development of crucial 21st-century abilities in students. Virtual classrooms, videos, augmented reality (AR), robots, and other technological tools can not only make classes more engaging but also more inclusive learning environments that encourage collaboration and inquisitiveness as well as give teachers the ability to gather information on students' performance.


But it's vital to remember that technology is a tool, not an end in itself, in education. What educators do with it and how they use it to best meet the needs of their pupils are where educational technology's potential resides. With the aid of technology, teachers can raise the academic performance of their students. Administrators need to assist instructors in acquiring the skills necessary to improve student learning through technology to lessen the difficulties. Technology in the classroom should also simplify the tasks of the teachers without taking away from their daily schedule.

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