The Rumored Apple Car!

Apple Car | Rumour | 8th July 2021 | Virtual Wire

Let me ask you the $64,000 question. Are the rumours of Apple bringing out their self-driven vehicle true?

So, we have been hearing about the Apple autonomous vehicle project for countless years, with the excitement around it rising every couple of years, but never actually leading to anything, and practically nothing coming from Apple itself.

The first time this rumour did rounds was way back in 2015 when a “camera-equipped” car leased to Apple was spotted in the Bay Area. Apple was soon discovered to be “poaching” automotive engineers from the automotive car king, Tesla.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, first spoke about Apple working on cars in June 2017, confirming those rumours. Ever since then, Apple has been testing vehicles on the roads of California.

“We're focusing on autonomous systems.

It's a core technology that we view as very important. We sort of seeing it as the mother of all AI projects. It's probably one of the most difficult AI projects actually to work on." Apple CEO Tim Cook on Apple's plans in the car space.

There has been a bunch of back over the Apple Car project over the previous few years. Early speculations said that Apple would manufacture a whole car, but due to organizational problems, development difficulties, and internal turmoil, the project was cut back on.

We started hearing new rumours in 2019 and 2020 that the project had shifted again and Apple was still pursuing an Apple-branded vehicle, and then multiple rumours in late 2020 verified that Apple is still operating on an Apple-branded car for customers, with intentions for a joint venture with an established vehicle manufacturer.

We don't have much information or things we know for sure, but many individuals have ideas for features that Apple might wish to include. Many features have been claimed to be included on the new Apple card, with some even claiming that Apple has attempted to patent some of these functionalities.

Features such as Apple adding a high-tech window to its car can change its transparency and shimmer. Some are speculating that Apple will instead get rid of the window itself from the car and have drivers wear a virtual reality headset while driving, completely altering our preconception of cars as we understand them and opting for a new ground-breaking new design. Apple's new glass will also be impenetrable, protecting passengers from flying debris, according to reports.

Of course, it's only reasonable to expect the world's largest tech firm to produce one of the most technologically advanced vehicles ever. With so much technology jammed into this one car and so much new hardware and software installed, this car is projected to be the first fully autonomous vehicle that can drive you from one point to another without requiring you to do much effort.

It is also expected that iOS and Apple's existing product line would play a significant role in this, as well as in the vehicle's functioning. Perhaps this vehicle might be incorporated into Apple's already well-known "Apple Ecosystem."

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