The Struggle, Build, Run!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Struggle | Build | Run | 04th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

The Fulani herdsmen plague is one that is still ongoing in Nigeria today. Stories upon stories of the evil wrought by these been nomads are devastating to hear and read.

People have lost loved ones in different heart-wrenching ways in the hands of the Fulani herdsmen who claim forceful ownership of lands and properties.

Recently, people have been forced to leave their own homes to these bandits. Imagine going through the tough ordeal of building your own house, and then lose it (of no volition of yours) to people who take pleasure in your pain and suffering.

No matter how tiny a house is, there is nothing that can compare with the joy of finally being able to complete your personal house, and having your family live in it.

Due to these attacks, families have relocated to other locations. Some inconvenience their extended family members by staying with them, others have had to rent a new home afresh just so they can find respite.

This has led to a chain of economic problems as follows:

  • Deaths of the young and old ( the labour force of the nation)

  • The makings of criminals who kill in the name of retaliation.

  • Scarcity of food because farmers lose their farmlands.

  • Over-population of the already crowded urban areas seem safer.

The Nigerian government at the Federal, State and Local levels have to do something. They must not continue to fold their arms, or else they would have a lot of blood to answer for.

Farmers are afraid of farming, the rural areas are turning barren by the day because people are fleeing in numbers from these regions. It is indeed a terrible situation.

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