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Love and money is debatable thing. Choosing one over another includes quite a risk along with, the consequences which often occur as a surprise in one’s life. But both of them must possess a pro and a con, let’s go ahead to find out.


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The one aspect of life is money. Imagining a day without capital is just absurd, we’ve been witnessing the poverty in our world since day one. No one is unaware of the fact that, to exist in this world, money is the fundamental must-have thing and even the requirement to survive. We are well acquainted, that money is an asset in one’s life. The world’s materialistic happiness is only achieved by capital. The desires, the kinds of stuff, the happiness, all this is fulfilled with the money itself.

Yet another aspect of human life is the word love. Some comprehend and blend it with money and lead a good life whereas some, take it for granted and chase only the capital. In today’s scenario, people have butchered the quote to “money CAN buy happiness”. Really? Yes, it can buy SOME happiness, but not your entire life’s happiness. Only love can make you feel wanted and important in this world. Spending time with your loved ones is what makes you satisfied and amiable and gives you a reason to be alive.



Since we’ve discussed the assets, it’s now time for some dark truth and the liability. It takes seconds, to change money, from asset to liability, and this happens with a word, greed. Drooling over money can sometimes result in hazardous consequences. You never know what may happen, you may lose your loved ones or even your life. Working hard for money is the only way to lead a good life. Smart and hard work is the only way to surpass. Sometimes, love can destroy you too. Overloving and overtrusting is a stepping stone towards a worse life. Nothing in excess is desirable.



They say, love is greater than money, and then struggle for money. They say, money is greater than love, and then struggle for love. Devoid of the circumstances, the human species will never be satisfied with whatever they own. From being jealous to acquiring the thing of another being, nothing is enough. So, there isn’t a valid comparison between love and money. Human nature is indeed dicey.

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