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The Wandering Mind!

Wandering | Mind | 21st September 2022 | Virtual Wire



You get up from the bed, grateful, and decide to say a prayer. As you pray, flashes of what happened last night pour in, and your focus gets divided because of the thoughts and images coming in.

Now you can't even focus on your prayer because your mind is wandering. Lord have mercy, you'd say! Imagine your head is a TV; The hardware, the physical part is the brain (the brain contains nerves that control thoughts and emotions). The mind is the software (it gathers and uses the information resources of the brain. It is the display unit). The mind and the brain are inseparable and can't operate without the other. Let me put it like this, the mind allows you to see what isn't physically present, yet it is as if there's an inner eye that is not explainable which allows you to see a picture of what you're thinking inside your head.

A wandering mind can be a sign of intelligence and ingenuity. Brainstorming helps humans come about with ideas. It takes a busy mind to come up with ideas and solutions. The business you established was first an idea. How to execute it was also a response from thinking. Thinking births ideas and ideas are the outcome of what you see in the business world today. Ranging from fashion to tech, every company was first someone's or some people's plan before they started building on it.


The mind sees beyond the present but later. I was walking one sudden day, and I saw a blind woman walking on the road. I couldn't help but wonder how she did that without any aid. I passed a gutter and immediately my mind wandered. This woman is likely to fall into the gutter. I watched her closely and sure enough; she was walking towards the gutter. I rushed and helped her, guided her steps, and took her to her destination. Why did I say this? The mind can allow us to conclude on a matter without it even happening yet. It gives us a glimpse of what we can expect. The mind is a gift. Most times, our present situations are not pleasant to us and we might choose to be lost in our heads. It's okay to do that, only if you're getting lost, don't get lost and forget yourself and lose it. Be mindful but also mind wander.

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