The Words You Speak Versus The Things You Do!

Word | Speak | Things | 18th August 2021 | Virtual Wire


There's the thing about a person who says one thing and does a different thing. You find men and women who promised to be committed to their families and later abandon them and move on with their lives like it's no big deal.

You find workers who give their word to work diligently, treat their duties like shit, and still demand the money's worth of a work not done or one done wrongly.

You also see institutions that fail to keep their promises on what they say they will do and not do. Most people are becoming indifferent about it. They don't care that their words are different from their actions. It's all wrong.

Respect should be given to those who deliberately work to align their words with their actions, to people who don't hide to cover up their actions because it doesn't fit the words they speak.

So, as we go about our daily lives being parents, adults, employers, employees, leaders, and followers as the case may be, it's important we maintain integrity and consistency with our words and actions. With this, people can trust us and see us as dependable.

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