The world remembers Michael Jackson on his Death Anniversary!

Michael Jackson | 26th June 2021 | Virtual Wire

On his 12th death anniversary, people all around the world pay tribute to the ‘King of Pop’

The world’s best entertainer, famous during the late 1980s and the early 1990s died on 25th June 2009 from cardiac arrest due to propofol and benzodiazepine overdose. Even after a decade of his passing, people still remember him fondly like he never left this world. He continues to live within millions through his evergreen songs.

Indian actor, Tiger Shroff took to Instagram paying tribute to the legend writing, “Rest in power chosen one”, along with a picture.

Micheal Joseph Jackson, nicknamed MJ, was born on 29th August 1958 in Gary, Indiana, US. He was a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, performer, and philanthropist.

‘Beat it’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ was his hit songs and he ruled the world in pop music. MJ was unique amongst all the artists with his upbeat music, raspy voice, and busting moves. Michael continues to be a source of inspiration to artists around the world.

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