The World's Largest Carbon Capture Machıne Begıns To Operate!

World's Largest | Carbon Capture | Machıne | 02nd September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Humanity is racing against time to prevent our beloved planet Earth from warming fast and potentially destructive and fatal consequences we might face.

Governments hold conferences to take critical decisions and people are warned to change their lifestyles. However, apart from few countries, no one wants to take further action. The small but huge step for humanity came from Iceland. The plant is called Orca, which means “energy” in the Icelandic language.

It was constructed by Swiss and Icelandic companies. The plant sucks carbon containing gases and stores them underground to be transformed into stones in two years. The plant is expected to vacuum 4000 tonnes of harmful gases that 870 cars emit every year. However, the project is not without criticism as well. It is considered controversial in that it is both quite expensive and takes a long time to build. That’s why critics are concerned about whether it is an effective way to combat carbon emissions.


As far as I am concerned, it is better than nothing. I think it is also important in that people are more aware of the fact that there is a real global warming problem. If the excessive carbon in the atmosphere cannot be removed, or continue to grow, we will have to face more droughts, more heatwaves, less agricultural output, more extreme weather conditions and more pandemics. Governments and companies should work hand in hand and they should invest more in search and development. I hope we can achieve a carbon-free lifestyle in future and provide a sustainable future for our grandchildren.

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