The World Through The Eyes Of A Child!

World | Eye | Child | 02nd May 2022 | Virtual Wire

Have you ever felt that being a child is better? Obviously, all might have. Everyone always wishes that they could remain a child forever and never grow old.

It is the time when you don’t have any responsibility, stress, or pressure. Everything looks so colourful and bright. The most important thing to a child in life is his/her toys or dolls. Doesn’t that sound funny now? Actually, it was for everyone when they were kids. Children imagine that there is life in it and play throughout their day.

A child always asks questions about whatever they observe but later on that habit of questioning gradually decreases as they grow older. They are always eager and excited to hear new stories from their grandparents i.e. fairy tales and think that the imaginary world is real and see the world in the same way.

What if that would be real, the world would have been filled with only good people. A child always thinks that everyone in the world shows love and concern which in reality is just not true. We understand the value of love and concern only when we lose it in life. A child always does everything from the heart.

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Everything on Earth would have been so real if everyone would decide things from the heart. Human beings as they grow older stop thinking from the heart and become very calculative of each and everything in life. The innocence the child has also lost as time flies. Children naturally live in the moment and they allow that moment to be what it is: magical and beautiful in every way.

Don’t let the child within you die, because children never lie, and being truthful is very important. Sometimes in life, you need to look at things from different perspectives. It is always said a creative adult is a child who survived. Happiness is not about getting all you want, it is about enjoying all you have. So live your life like a child!

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