Thor: Love and Thunder Review (Spoiler Alert)!

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Superhero films, whether Marvel or DC, have gathered an audience of comic lovers and moviegoers alike. Some may call them an "amusement park" flick and others a special effects masterpiece. Regardless of your stance, this film is enjoyable for the average moviegoer.

Here is a review on Thor Love and Thunder. Spoilers ahead… Thor: Love and Thunder areinstalment definitely better than the first two movies in its franchise and almost tied with Ragnarok. The tone is basically the same as the previous installment and most viewers will be happy about that. However, there are some things that made it quite disorienting such as the clash of seriousness and humour that should have taken a beat in between. The writing and direction of Mighty Thor's cancer was not depicted tastefully. However, the performances from each cast member and the special effects were better than ever. Takia Waititi replicated what made Ragnarok great and it shows again with Love and Thunder.


The tone is Takia Waititi's style with the jokes, the character interactions and the overall funny moments. The two screaming Llamas, Stormbreaker being jealous and the narration from Korg is what make it feel like Ragnarok. What makes that tone break is the moments where they add a joke right after a serious situation or where honestly the scene did not even need it. Once they begin to fight Zeus and Korg seemed-battle to have died mid battle, it plays off as a devastating loss and Thor is almost heartbroken, but the scene gets dismissed and downplayed when Korg turns out to be fine and makes a joke about only the mouth the part that is alive with his species. This imbalance makes viewers conflicted and the constant jokes downplay these scenes too much and makes you wonder why have a serious tone at all or add the joke, to begin with.

This continues with Jane Foster's (Natalie Portman) new battle with cancer sometimes being downplayed with a joke or brushed with another interaction with a character. Jane getting chemo and having a conversation with a fellow patient about her book is serious and makes us feel for her situation where her illness is affecting her work. Then Darcy (Kat Dennings) throws a bunch of snacks and they immediately start joking with each other. Another example is when she has been Mighty Thor for a while and the powers are not healing her, she drops Mjolnir and sees that she is getting worse so she breaks the sink in frustration. Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) knocks on the door and it should have been a deep conversation but instead, they joke about the sink and the ship flies away. The movie struggles with the idea of either making it a serious illness or just making it the reason for Jane to go to New Asgard. Something just seemed off about those moments whether it was the writing or the direction, at least Portman executed both the seriousness and playfulness of the scenes perfectly.


The cast did an excellent job on their performances within Love and Thunder. Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher was terrifying and showed how anyone can be pushed over the edge. Natalie Portman executed the duality of Jane Foster and Mighty Thor perfectly while adding humour to her newfound powers. Tessa Tompson as Valkyrie added more depth to the character with her idea of dying in battle and the struggles of losing all her sisters in battle. Each actor's performance was equally balanced and one did not seem better than the other which allowed for the chemistry of each to seem great on the screen.

Takia Waititi is a great director and screenplay writer. He basically saved Thor with Ragnarok and Love and Thunder was close to the replication of that film. That scene where Thor and Jane hold pinky fingers together was beautiful, the space dolphins were out of this world and all the jokes were usually a knockout. Overall, seeing this film is a must if seeing the expanding cinematic universe. The action scenes are done well, the special effects are still great and these characters are here to stay for the near future. The rating I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. The jokes need to be executed better and the imbalance of comedy is sometimes too much but the performances are great and worth seeing on the big screen.

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