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Basically, we need to know how our thoughts affect our day-to-day life. The thought process is something that makes us optimists (the people who think the brighter side of any aspect).

The self-help book ‘Power of subconscious mind’ there it is mentioned our willpower and self-faith. If we are confident and positive towards the environment then no other negativity can beat us. To improve our thought process you need to work on your daily routine which I will discuss later on.

Thought Development


Merely, thought development takes place from the way we see our environment. If we blame the environment around us then the thought process in our subconscious that is going to develop will take place in a negative way. For example, if I say take two men, the first man named Shanu and the second named Raman. Raman continuously blames the surroundings and the people around him. He never speaks politely, and never credits or helps others, while on the other hand Shanu is a calm man and speaks well. He adapts himself to his surroundings and helps others. So what do you think, whose thought development is good? Of course, it's Shanu. His thought process is way better than that of Raman. Here you can understand that the way we think affects most of the thinking process. If you are able to change your mindset, then you are able to change your thought development, and then you are able to change yourself.

Cure Your Mind


There are a lot of ways through which we can cure our thoughts and cure our minds.



Not perfect but all you need to do is sit, your legs fold close you're in and close to your eyes. Let yourself the beam of thoughts that disturb you during your working time or while you are sleeping. Let it be how it is coming, no need to push them back just calmly let them approach you. Do not think about solving the problems, no need to think about anything. Just sit calmly and try to relax, a phase will come. It may be for a few seconds that you’ll see a black hole that needs to be achieved you.

Healthy Diet


The most important for all diseases and all mental problems. Eat good, Live good. Avoid junk foods and maintain a balanced diet. Eat green veggies and drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking hydrated drinks like ORS water, or Shikanji( a drink prepared by adding lime, sugar and rock salt to the water).

Proper Sleep


Last but not least. Proper sleep or sound sleep is very much important for your healthy brain. It relaxes the brain and helps it to reboot, just after long hours of working one needs to shut down the pc and give it some rest for proper functioning. At least, 6-7 hours of sleep is a must for all age groups. So, this is all for this article. Meet you in the next one, with new and meaningful articles. I hope you have understood the importance of your thought development and the pros and cons of developing them. Be yourself, it's sometimes okay not to be okay. No need to worry about others and your surroundings, try to adapt yourself and make yourself the best of yourself.

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