Three Easy Ways to get an Internship: Undergrads Special!

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In the present fast-paced world where disruptions are noticeable in many sectors like technology, business and healthcare etc.

For a teenager who is keeping her/his first step into college/university or is in 2nd/3rd year, getting good grades is neither enough to get a high paying/satisfying job nor ensures adaptability to the fast-changing world. Jobs, entrepreneurship and even freelancing require consistent upskilling to survive. There are many soft and hard skills on which one can work upon by making use of different mediums, And one such extremely important medium is paid/unpaid internships. It gives a boost to your CVs, improves communication skills and time management, and even incentivizes the efforts in case of paid internships. I can go on how beneficial it is but today, let’s know some effective mediums through which you can easily apply for internships if you are an undergrad:


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Probably the easiest one on the list. An internship fair is a concept where many companies/NGOs participates to recruit the best-suited students for a particular profile. The placement cell of colleges/universities are the organizers of this fair. Due to the inability to conduct physical meetings due to Covid-19, most of the educational institutions are organizing internship fairs online. Students have to get themselves registered on a particular portal as directed by the respective placement cell before the event; students are asked to upload their latest CVs as well, which later serves as the basis on which candidates can be shortlisted by companies for any role.

At the time of the fair, students can apply for their desired role/organization as per their eligibility. One thing to keep in mind is that besides the above points, each and every placement cell lays down certain guidelines for the students to avoid any issues throughout the fair. It is advised to go through them also. PRO TIP: To be updated about such fairs, do follow the social media handles of colleges that regularly conduct internships fair.



Many organizations provide internship opportunities to potential interns through their own programs. Some of them include:

a) Niti aayog- NITI AAYOG is a government organization that aggressively hires from 1st to 10th of every month for the whole year for many profiles. One can know more about it through their website.

b) Tata Prashikshan Program- This year, the registrations begin from 7th March 2022 and continues till 16th April. Once again, visit the respective website to know more.

c) Nestle- It provides internships in diverse fields and one applies to it via Internshala. I might break your heart this time because the registrations got closed on 23 Feb ’2022. But cheer up, now you are aware of this opportunity too which can be utilized in your 2nd/3rd/4th year.

d) Dalberg- They recruit summer analysts in the month of October or November. Keep an eye on their social media handles too!


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Many internship platforms have grown out of the internet for the greater good of students. And we should feel lucky that we can exploit the opportunity sitting at the comfort of our house. Here goes a list of websites and apps you can go looking after for internships:

a) LinkedIn: Visit the job section and use the search to surf about your desired role/organization

b) Internshala: Online platform dedicated to getting internship opportunities for free.

c) Sava Hire: For the ones who are into Web 3.0 and stuff including crypto, NFTs etc.

d) Angellist- If you are looking to work for a startup, this can be a great place to look for internships.

e) Metvy.

f) Stumagz.

g) LetsIntern.

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