Three TV Shows That Changed The Entertainment Landscape Forever!

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In these hard times, TV series are a crucial part of everyone's life. During quarantine, TV series was basically the main reason why I – and probably most of the people out there – could stay somewhat sane in the brain.

There are maybe as many TV series as the stars in the sky, but It's safe to say that only some of them have changed the entertainment landscape forever. So here's 3 of the most impactful TV series of all time, and my humble opinion about them.



An all-time 90s classic, we can safely affirm that Friends is the mother of every situation comedy. Things like How I met your mother, The Big Bang Theory, and many others wouldn't exist if it weren't for Friends. The thing about this TV series is that the title says basically everything about it: it's just the daily life of some people hanging out.

The unique trait, and the reason why we all loved it and we still do, it's the fact that each and every character had his and her peculiar and recognizable personality. You can't watch a Friends episode and do not feel involved: you want them to be your friend and, at the end of the day, watching them just feels like hanging out with them. That's why sitcoms inspired by Friends have the same vibe, and they are nearly as successful. This show basically created a whole subgenre, that's why I put it in this list.

The Simpsons


The Simpsons is basically a certainty in everyone's life. You know that as long as they keep producing its episodes, you are still breathing. Jokes aside, just like friends, The Simpsons is the mother of a specific subgenre: that cartoon that children are not supposed to watch. Matt Groening's satire is sharp and doesn't spare anyone.

When you were little, you laughed because Homer strangled Bart, but then when you grow up, you understand the real meaning behind those jokes, and you laugh with bitter awareness of the acute social criticism. That's why it's an all-time classic. Of course, shows like South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, and many others derive from The Simpson, its influence's undeniable.

Game of Thrones


It's not an understatement to say that Game of Thrones changed the TV forever, and that's why. First of all, none cared about classic fantasy at all. At least, after the amazing trilogy of Lord of The Rings, no one talked about or produced any other fantasy content nearly as good. And then, Game of Thrones came out, and basically, everyone on the planet was obsessed with it. Everyone did episodes reviews, video about it, posts on social networks, you could talk about it with your friends and they'd know exactly what you were talking about. Moreover, GOT raised the quality of TV production with special effects and visuals no one had ever seen. I think it has become part of entertainment history forever.

I know, there are many other amazing TV series out there of which I have not spoken about, as important as these ones, but it's basically impossible to talk about each and every one of them. So don't hate me if I didn't mention your all-time favourite – I can always talk about it next time!

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