Thriving on Stress - Meditation or Medication?

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Imagine that you are saving to the best of your ability, year on year, without following the rule of 'YOLO' so you get to enjoy your retirement without any stress.

At 62, you realize that you are infected with 5-6 diseases which can take away a large portion of your savings. What will be your mental reaction? Life does not always follow your plans! Most of the diseases are psychosomatic. The more calm and stable you are, the fewer diseases you will have. You can avoid taking medications to manage stress by learning to meditate on a daily schedule. Meditation is not a compulsion; it is the only choice you have to live stress-free.

How can meditation help me develop new skills to thrive on stress successfully?


Recently I heard a CEO of a big company saying that he rarely gets affected by stress! He said that he has established the state of 'Stit Pragyata' by practising meditation daily. He faces the most challenging problems with a smile and is untouched by them! Meditation can help you develop new skills to thrive on stress as a guide for relaxation.

The world is turning very fast, piling things on our shoulders all the time. We deal with stress at the workplace, health issues, and daily living in the home. Everyone has stressful lives, and there is no way to get around it, to ignore it, but there is no way to face it without resistance. Face it, and you'll get to know that it's not always hard as you imagine it in your mind. Learn to meditate daily to reduce your risks of taking medications to manage your health.


Learning new skills in meditation will require you to make a few changes in how you live your life in general. Learning meditation is fun. Once you are dissolved in it, you don't even have to put in the effort to do it. Everything will happen automatically. Before you can learn to thrive with stress to make life easier, you should do some digging. There will be a time when you will not force yourself to do meditation but become meditative!

While meditating, the first thing you can do as a beginner is that you need to think positively and decide what is causing you so much stress and what you can do about that. Is your stress caused by things you can eliminate, or is it life in general? Or is it because you are attached to the idea of 'my-ness'? If we get into the roots of thinking, we will know that most of the time, only two things - fear and attachment, cause stress. Fear of facing situations you don't like and attachment to the circumstances you want to repeat in your life!

Be a witness

The next thing that you can do is to observe your thoughts. Just witness them and see how your mind plays games because it wants some topic to talk about. Mann does not like to keep quiet. Once you start observing the activities of the mind, it will become silent. It's just how students become silent when the teacher appears. The teacher does not do anything; she just stands in front of the

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kids! "Okay Prarthana, but I'm an action-oriented person, so please tell me something that I can do to stop the over chattering mind!" I know what you must be thinking right now!

So here I'm offering you a solution

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Write down what is bothering you. Write down everything that comes to your mind. You don't worry if it's positive or negative. You don't have to care about how people will judge you when they find out what goes on in your head if they find your secret diary. Just write till you are satisfied. Now write about how you will plan changes to overcome the things that bother you. While writing about your stressors on paper and what you're going to do will get them out in the open to seem more alive. This is the basic meditation that you can do. Meditation skills and practices will help you make better decisions. It will help you to relax and focus on thriving on stress. Repeating your positive thoughts by writing them will program your brain to think positive by keeping the negative thoughts from jumping in.

Hey! You are reading this right now! Why are you thinking about opening and checking your Instagram? Why are you thinking about your incomplete work that needs your attention?

This is how you divide your attention. You are practising this regularly. Just imagine the returns you'll get two years from now because of this unknown practice that you are strengthening every day!

Stay in the present dear! Stay here and now!


If you're worried about trying to meet a deadline, focus on what needs to be done to make things go more smoothly. Meeting deadlines are sometimes scary when things are not going right. Learn to focus and try forgetting about other things that need to be done tomorrow or the next day. When you focus on one task, you will use your meditation skills. You will become meditative by your very nature. You can meditate anywhere and everywhere.

How will all this help?

Meditation will help you make better decisions. It will help you to relax for a better good night's sleep. Do you think this is a small thing? Imagine the day which you spent without a good night's sleep. We need relaxation to have the energy to make good decisions. Without it, it makes success almost impossible. Meditating in the bathtub is also a proper way to relax after a long stressful day.

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I know this sounds interesting, doesn't it? Let me give you some more techniques!


Get yourself some candles and set them in the surroundings of your bathtub. Turn on the boom box and play your favourite low soft relaxing music. Light the candle and turn off the lights before climbing in for relaxation. While having a bath in the tub, use your imagination and think about somewhere, off in never land. Let yourself feel the breeze and hear the birds to relieve stress with your visualization skills. Just relax.

When you get out of the tub, pamper yourself by putting on lotion and doing a manicure on your nails. Taking time out to meditate and for some pampering, you'll sleep like a baby. The following morning will be refreshing because you had a good restful night of sleep. You will be eager to face a fresh new day and make better decisions for thriving on stress.

Learn to thrive on stress and be successful before it takes over your life. Letting stress be in control will drain you of energy and bring you poor health. Stress is the most common reason for many illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and depression. Become happy and healthier by learning a few meditation techniques to thrive on stress and be successful.

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